Arsenal v Liverpool (PL)


Absolute shambles as a unit. Dunno how we got a point there. They must be as shit as us at the back.


Fuck sake


Hard to tell if it’s attack or defense that is worse right now. Good point considering how the game went but we could do with some better form anytime soon. This team is really painful to watch right now.


The first half was one of the poorest exhibitions of elite level football I can remember seeing. By the end of the game you can only despair at the lack of chemistry of our team. Entertaining but once the dust settles that was a shambles from both teams.


Haha that sums it up perfectly… both teams from the sublime to the ridiculous… draw is about right, but we were extremely lucky to come away at HT only one down.



His “attempt” to save the Xhaka strike was hilarious… It was a vicious, swerving strike to give credit to Granit, but it was basically right at Miggy and all he had to do was have a strong hand or hands and push it over… hilarious.

Thought Cech might have done better on the one that ended up looping in too, but Miggy was beyond awful, thankfully for us.


A tale of two teams that don’t have what it takes to win the title and also have similar issues in each respective squad.

Both liabilities defensively with our case being down to set up and organisation rather than down outright poor quality, attacking wise both teams can dismantle teams with Liverpool’s being typically striking much faster.

Keepers in both teams are not at the requisite level to win the PL though to a much larger extent with regard to Mignolet, all in all Liverpool will be no closer to winning the league whether it’s next season or the season after that without significant change in terms of personnel and managerial approach.

In our case we need a new person at the helm period, we won’t win it no matter what Wenger does.


We and Liverpool are two very similar teams, for certain. Both capable of quality and ridiculousness in equal measure and not going to achieve anything of real significance for at least a good decade.

If the match had happened the other way around, us going 2-0 up and then having to claw back to 3-3, nobody would have been surprised.


Thought this was funny tbf three tweets in a row was announcing an arsenal goal


Make that 5 league matches now. Still no victory for Wenger against Klopp’s Liverpool. Fucking pathetic.

@Arsenal4thetreble another easy victory you mug


Think a point is good given how fucking shambolic we were other than for those 3 minutes in which we absolutely fucked them.

It will be shootout for top 4 but had we lost this match, which we should have, it would’ve been a mountain to climb. We still have a shot at it which is good. Can’t take many other positives, although I thought Wilshere and Maitlaind Niles were among the best performers at least.


We are more volatile than Bitcoin


Told you guys we’d shit on them we barely score goals and we scored 3 against these scrubs lolpool are beyond shit we’ll be above them in the table at the end, klopp is a fraud.


Still a great second half to watch. Entertaining game. And we shouldn’t have come away with any points.

Aside from Xhaka’s goal; he’s been rather pointless for a couple months now.



Watched the game in a very drunken state after work Christmas drinks, but all in all it comes as no surprise that ended 3-3 given how both teams defend.


well at least we didn’t lose but being stuck 7th in the league after the weekends game isn’t a great thing for xmas


Thanks to Cech that we were only one goal down at ht. Everything back to normal in the second half though.

And honestly, it’s goalkeeping 101 using both hands when facing a swirling shot like that. I don’t envy Klopp having to choose between Miggy and Dental Cavity.

I don’t know what Kos was up to in this game. Kosney on Ice.

Jack Wilshere… Was he even on the pitch until the 50th minute? I did not see him.

Iwobi is our new Walcott. Has the ball a lot. And that’s about it.

AMN. Takes a lot of confidence and living up to when growing a hideous stash like that. Long may it continue.


It’s just so frustrating even when we got the lead you knew we’d have to score again to win the game.