Arsenal v Liverpool (PL)


Seeing as you have incorrectly said we’d win a lot of matches easily recently you can expect a lot is @s if we do lose lol


These lollerpool cucks are gonna take it up the ass when we give it to them



So we’re sticking to the formation and AMN at left back. Kola is on the bench again, what gives?


Lol glad u threw the cuck thing in there, oversight on my part.


Why does he keep playing a LB at CB and a midfielder at LB and benches all our other centre backs and best LB

I really fucking hate Wenger so much. Stupid prick



Sanchez could take a shit on Wengers bottom lip and still get a start in the next game.


Did I miss Kolasinac having a terrible run?


Ox not starting. And Liverpool are wearing their highlighter pen kit. I have a good feeling about this one.


I think he got a niggle and then he was rested and played 90 minutes in the West Hame game, so I guess they don’t want to overplay him.



MDC! Woo!


We. Are. Shite.


Another low point



What an insane game :joy:

Point is better than nothing


Exciting point, fluky goal for a very overrated Liverpool player.

Points dropped though…



Disgusting performance, nobody deserves any credit. The media will talk it up as some incredible game but it was testament to the weakness and lack of professionalism in both teams. Another ludicrous match we take pretty much nothing from.


Fuck me! That was some game! Should have really won though!