Arsenal v Liverpool (PL)


I’ve changed my mind. Have a feeling Liverpool won’t turn up for this and we are due a big performance.


We will hammer them, 4 0.

Ox will miss a couple of sitter, misplace some easy passes that will start our counter attacks for the first 3 goals, then the liverpool supporters so as the gunners will boo him out of the pitch once he gets benched at minute 46.


Ahah yeah mate! Just a hope. I know you can never predict us.


This is going to be bad isn’t it.

Xhaka and Co. up against “The Fab Four” who basically score goals for fun.

Can’t wait for this season to be over again. Wenger will only have one year left then, right?


I was feeling remotely positive about this before entering this thread :laughing:


It’s going to be disastrous


All this yakking about Liverpool winning this. Are we supporters of The Arsenal or not? I hope the team don’t see the stuff on here.


Wilshere should play. Xhaka and Coquelin in the middle would be a disaster :neutral_face:


This is OA welcome the forum


I woke up happy. Then i realised it was Match Day. :sob:


Preparing myself for what I’m about to witness tonight.


I’m preparing myself by drinking all day… just arrived at the Famous Cock… the game will look better when i’m drunk, I just know it.


You’ve got a point. I’m going to stop pretending to have the opinions I have so I look like a proper supporter, I hope everyone else does likewise.

Perhaps the players have been reading OA for years and thats why they regularly capitulate like a bunch of invertebrate cunts


I’ve chucked in Salah and Firmino into my FL team. Silver lining etc.


Are you worried they might cry?


I believe we’ll turn up. This is good opposition but I can’t see us losing.


Self defeatist pussies are out in full force in this thread, we’ll rek these scrubs fuck lolpool they’re shitters, especially Klopp. Oh and don’t @ me if we lose.


Then drink.


You’ve only just put Salah in?!

Do you even fantasy bro?

Oh don’t worry that’s definitely happening tonight! :wink:


Haha, I’ve been switching between Lukaku and Morata as my 2nd ‘big’ striker and I’ve yielded pretty poorly from them recently. Got a nice chunk of cash to throw at Salah and Firmino now, finally!