Arsenal v Liverpool (PL)

Friday December 22, 7.45pm
Emirates Stadium
Sky Sports

  • Liverpool have scored at least three goals in each of their four Premier League matches against Arsenal under Jurgen Klopp.

  • Arsenal’s Petr Cech is one away from becoming the first goalkeeper in PL history to reach 200 clean sheets – he won’t be getting it in this match!

  • The Ox is probably going to score the winner and cause a Twitter meltdown

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Liverpool win

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doesnt bode well the poll results…so far we all feel we are gonna lose.

Wenger vs Klopp

0 2 3

We owe these scousers a arse kicking

4-0 win to us

But in reality it be them beating us again

I do enjoy a Phoebica match day thread with some random facts or stats thrown in. :slight_smile:

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Liverpool win.

Our defence will be shat on.

Xhaka and Sanchez will lose the ball numerous times.

We will score one goal.

High-scoring draw.

got a horrible feeling that AOC (if he plays) is either gonna score or assist against us. Just would be our luck to sell a player that is shit for us but comes back to haunt us!

Our home form is great and their away form is good.
We have only lost one game at home and Liverpool have only lost two away, so it’s hard to predict because our recent form is poor and theirs is very good.
They also seem to have sorted out their defence and they are scoring a lot of goals, especially from midfield but we are struggling in attack and our defence often looks shaky.

I think there could be a few goals, so I’ll go for a 2-2 draw.

No idea but I hope we win

That sounds about right to me. I’ll go with that scoreline as well: 2-2.

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Easy Liverpool win.

Merry Christmas

We’ll shit on them.

I’m actually going to this. I went to the 4-0 defeat at Anfield, so I need to be there to witness the redemption :kos2:

I feel bad for you, you are going to have 2 shitty matches with terrible losses to witness!

Don’t think we will cope with Liverpool going forward considering they have scored 11 goals in their last 3 league games against us. Arsenal 2-3 Liverpool.

We’re due a non-wank performance. I think we’ll give it.

And he is gonna celebrate as well, the cunt.

So 4-0 to Liverpool. Keep it up Mr. troll :kos2:

We wont cope from the midfield and they have too much fire power 1 3 for them. We cant play against their system. Another pedestrian start guaranteed.

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