Arsenal v Liverpool (PL)


I said the exact same thing about Spurs, what happened there? Yeh thats what I thought.

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    Dead right Stroller


That includes two fucking home matches, how fucking pathetic


Nah it only includes 1 home match to be fair I think.


Oh fair enough. I think I just had a simplistic 4 games, 2 per season, one home and one away thought process.

But now I think about it you’re probably right.

Will stand by saying it is totally pathetic though :slight_smile:


Liverpool are going to eat us alive. They’re not even very good. We’re just shit at defending and flat going forward.


Yeah only one home match. Rodgers was the manager for the Emirates game in 15/16 which was a 0-0 draw in August 2015

cc @JakeyBoy


Dreading this really, We’ve been really poor and unless we pull out another Spurs like performance, could see another 4-0 hammering coming our way. The attacking pace of Mane and Salah up agaisn’t the aging legs of Kos and the out of form Bellerin worries me greatly. With Xhaka likely to have a mistake in him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he drops Wilshire and throws in Elneny to hold fort with Xhaka. Also expect Iwobi to be playing cause he can track back. Hopefully Alexis will turn up, and that Ozil and Laca will cause them some grief cause defensively they are shaky even though they are on a good run at the back right now.

Liverpool aren’t great, but the attack will always get away with things with Mane and Salah plus Coutinho and Firmino. Also Ox will want to prove a point and stick it to us. I can imagine it now him scoring the winner and press having a field day with it.

I’m going Arsenal 2- 4 Liverpool.


Except for City now, this is the matchup I dread most from the big 6 teams.


I really really hope we win this one. If our manager goes in with a plan, works out how to achieve success against them based on the previous times they’ve dropped points, we have a chance. God only knows we’re due against Liverpool, too


What are the odds on this finishing 0-0? :smiley:


About 18/1.
It’s around the same odds for it to finish 3-2 to either team.


You stopped making sense right there.


Probably lol! Wouldn’t mind it. We absolutely not lse this one.




Please Arsenal, give us a good Christmas!


you want a good christmas from grinch wenger…good luck! :henry2:


Boxing Day 2015. Southampton 4, Arsenal 0.


You are so boring :xhaka:


could be a tough old Christmas.

WBA and Palace away on a cold Christmas week, is going to be tough plus Chelsea at home. Wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t win any of those games.