Arsenal v Liverpool (PL)


I wonder if Ramsey could have been that factor that we missed tbh, He is our 4th best player this season I’d say ,and he has so much energy.

Wilshere was good in patches I thought but still mixed.


It’s impossible for this to happen.

Spurs and Burnley are playing each other.


Still not beat them though. That’s the only thing that matters.


@Phoebica, your old avi is back :bellerin:


Yep. I did say i’d uncover his face when he next scored or assisted. 27 years later, that finally happened :sunglasses:


Don’t like his face though :poldi:



Always like reading 16 conclusions


Great match for the neutrals and a lesson to all young managers out there on how not to defend a lead.


I don’t know why neutrals enjoy watching two teams be shit.


Tbf Liverpool were shit for 5 minutes and we were shit for 85 minutes so watching Liverpool yesterday might have been enjoyable for a neutral for the most part.


Because football is mainly appreciated for drama, goals and assists. It’s why players like Hleb and Iwobi will never be appreciated for what they bring to a team until their names are on the scoresheet.


So true! It’s Wenger’s favourite quote FFS!


Hmm yeah, I wonder why neutrals love watching games where 6 goals are scored, super weird one


Well on one hand you have people saying that the PL is the pinnacle and lesser football is shit, then you have a game played at what doesn’t feel like the top level, with half of them bad goals with bad defending and goalkeeping. I want a “big game” to be two top teams competing, not just who’s the least shit today.


31 FL points alone from these two Scouse mugs :sunglasses:

An extra 7 points for my persisting of keeping Xhaka in my team too. I feel like a made man.


Neutrals will always prefer an exciting end to end 3-3 than a boring Italian masterclass 0-0.

The amount of times people bitch and moan about Man Utd - Chelsea etc. being a 1-1 or 0-0 so often is because it’s fucking boring unless you’re some hipster football wanker who gives a shit about using terms from three different languages to describe positions like CAM and CB and who cares about weird xG90 statistics.

Xhaka’s 30 yard screamer followed by Ozil and Lacazette’s 1-2 backheel Wengerball is always going to be more exciting to a neutral than an expertly executed zonal marking tactic on set pieces.

Sure there was some bad defending and keeper mistakes but it was still a fun game with good goals being scored which is what the average neutral values above all. With good reason.

It’s not good for us or Scousers because it exposes us for how shit we are but for excitement and entertainment you can’t beat games like this, especially when one team scores 3 goals in 6 minutes to come back from 2-0 down.

Edit: Also, arguably, the teams are competing when there’s a to and fro and goals being scored and neither team has the upper hand. If it was a 3-0 domination I’d agree but both teams were playing hell for leather so I would say they were competing. They might not be competing for the league but they were competing with each other. It was awesome seeing Jack Wilshere sprint back 50 yards to nick the ball back in our penalty area.


Yesterday Arsenal and Liverpool showed why they aren’t capable to win the league. I leave the opinions about Klopp and Liverpool to the scousers because I’ve much more to analys what Arsenal did technically and tactically in the latest three years or even only today.

We need a massive revolution to bounce back and rebuild a credibility. I can’t tolerate anymore the shambolic way to defend. It’s not a problem connected directly with the defenders (and Arsenal have poor quality defenders apart Mustafi and the young guys) but general.

Arsenal look not capable to control the ball possession but prefer to leave the ball to the opponents, closing the spaces (badly) and trying to counterattack. The main problem is to be uneffective in every situation, with or without the ball.

I don’t know if Arsenal have a game plan different than the idea to pass the ball to Özil and :pray: to create chances thanks to his quality. The players attack with no logic, exposing the defenders to counterattacks.

Talking about the individuals, AMN did well but we need a better defender, Koscielny looks finished, Wilshere is a gooner but not a top midfielder (he is completely useless without the ball) as well as Xhaka , Iwobi too immature, Lacazette hasn’t showed all his potential.

I love Arsène because is like a father for me, but Arsenal need to start a new chapter as soon as possible. Many players are not good enough and should leave, others could bounce back and be important for this team. UCL qualification, a national :trophy: and EL are the targets.