Arsenal Reserves & Youths


Makes it easier to go though, knowing your advice is basically being ignored…



Wow a youngster that can do flicks and sideways passing !


If ramsey can get away with it im sure he can…
Actually the way we play at the moment hes odds on to go far…


On what basis would he be capable as a sporting director?


The Twitterati are saying Brady will be back in the seat for time being…

No wonder hes been praising up Wenger lately…


He is a football man, capable to discuss contracts and deals like he did at youth level, worked for great clubs and for great managers, has many connections in Europe with germany and dutch football etc…

In my humble opinion he wasn’t perfect but potentially has all the qualities to be a great football figure for a team. I don’t know as manager, I’m much optimist as sporting director.


Anyway they always say to rebuild you have to start at the bottom… The revolution has begun…


He took Ljungberg with him


Lets see what Emporer Wenger and his senate do now… Soon be March… Woe is me!


I loved Freddie as a footballer, not so much as a model or necessarily coach, but too bad to see another Arsenal legend move away.

Interesting shake up with Jonker… but these things happen - will be more interesting if a few more staff leave and not necessarily to higher-level jobs like Jonker.


Mixed progress under Jonker, can’t blame him for taking a more senior role at his old club though.

he’s overseen the development of the core talent we have in the u23s although the fact we still only have Sheaf from a defensive perspective is bizarre. And the European lack of progression is rather telling


Yeah when someone leaves for a more senior job at a respectable club, that is probably more a good sign than anything else. A healthy churn with ambitious people is a good thing.


Another sign which confirm the departure of Arsène.

However, can I mute the post from Slag? He is totally useless, doesn’t add anything about the discussion, it’s only a flame-maker which talk using the slogans.


Much as I like chippy he isnt much of a coach !1


Thanks, you are my hero…
And probably the easiest to wind up.
Just for you…


Arsenal had been in decline under Brady and we were hitting rock bottom ,he was edged out for Jonkers who turned it around but these things take years .
Whilst its a great step up you wonder if Jonkers didn’t feel restricted by the Arsenal model which is practised from age 11 up !


Good opportunity for him. I don’t really like Wolfsburg that much but I hope both do well. Some first team experience won’t be too bad.


Bielik. Sheaf might have a small chance but honestly Bielik is very interesting, probably put him as the most likely to make it after Nelson (though the road looks very much blocked with Holding and Mustafi and Koscielny with a few years left in him surely). Started off well at Birmingham.


Ive read he wasnt being paid for the roll… He was more “helping out” and before anyone says Bollox i got this off of a man who knows more about the youth set up than most… JW…So if Jonkers took him he must have something about him… Time will tell…