Arsenal Reserves & Youths


Mwah. I feel like a lot of people from football fit this description.

Signing youngsters is what we have been doing before him and what we’re continue to do after him.


names fella names …and who isnt being paid ???




Fair enough but he posted it up on twitter…
Was just covering my bases incase maxi picked on me again…


From the independent a month ago. Seems like this was coming for a while than? Or that journo is full of it.


I gather he’s made only made a handful of substitute appearances, how well is he doing then?

Still not sold on him just yet really, but then again the only U23 game I went to in the whole season was the loss to Liverpool back in August when he was atrocious as a pair with Da Graca. I guess you’re right though, the fact he’s out on loan at Championship level and Sheaf isn’t is usually suggestive of who is the #1 prospect


There’s your rhyme and reason right there.

We’ve bothered with some absolutely terrible CBs in our academy over the years, truly baffling, it really shouldn’t be so difficult to find non-prospects who are at least decent who will not fuck up the development of others by virtue of being awful. Da Graca and that goofy, talentless (I guess he was a ‘leader’) white boy whose name I’ve forgotten but I had the misfortune of seeing here in Madrid in the UEFA youth league being chief among them. O’Connor was truly awful for a long time too but at least you could see the logic in bothering with him due to his prodigious physical nature.


Julio Pleguezuelo?


Ignasi Miquel


@Maxi_Gooner y @Robin_L George Dobson (had to look up the line-ups on the day to remember).


Dennis bergkamp for head of youth team development anyone?


Dutch press now reporting he’s a serious candidate for the job. Along with that Spanish bloke from Cuntalona.


Id want him as manager if Wenger ships out !
I don’t see Wenger appointing him though because they don’t get on very well !
Berkamp bought a box with his own cash so he and his mates could sit there and Never be beholding to anyone ! Its the one all the old boys use above block 5 !



Stop gap appointed.






Live on the website?


ohhh shittt Yaya getting back just in time to rescue the Bayern tie with another 4 goal game.

(really curious about this Nelson in the pivot experiment…)


Doesn’t look like it :confused: