Arsenal Reserves & Youths


Has anyone posted this yet?

It’s behind a paywall but the article says we’re struggling to get Chris Willock to sign a new contract and he’s threatening to leave. Transfermarkt has his contract expiring this summer :sweat:

Crowley goal



Pretty refreshing stuff from the Charlton manager tbh, you would never hear Wenger say anything remotely similar. :wenger:

Nice to see he’s making a good impression, it reflects well on the level at our academy atm (still kinda miffed at our performance in the youth league though…), you never know if these athletic strikers that bag loads of goals at our youth levels are actually good or just erm, athletic strikers that bag a lot of goals at academy level. Players like Mavididi making an instant strong impression bodes well for the likes of Nketiah and Malen who probably have a bit more about them.

Mavididi seems on his way to a nice Benik Afobe type career, maybe he even has a bit more about him? He’s got decent quality on the ball for a powerful poacher type like he is, he was actually playing as a #10 for the U23s this season. Always liked him a bit more than Akpom tbh.


Be a shame to lose Willock at this stage - seems like we are getting a critical mass of nice young players where you can see one or two of them making it at Arsenal.

Goal by Crowley was ok, but the defending and GK on that were pretty poor.


Arseblog news reporting that Jonker is leaving his role as head of youth to go manage Wolfsburg.


If Arsenal will refuse to appoint a new figure now, the sense will be only one: Arsène will leave at the end of the season.


Lets hope so…

The End is Nigh… A new beginning awaits…


despite Jonker has been appointed because was a Gazidis’ man.


Can’t blame him for taking the top roll at a decent club, If he’d had left for a job of similar stature else where then I would think maybe he knows something we don’t regarding Wether Wenger signing a new contract


In fact we lost a figure capable to be sporting director if Arsène will leave.


jonker has done fuck all and no one should be bothered about him leaving.




All he would have been doing is following the Wenger formula… Reason Brady got pissed off…


He came to us from Wolfsburg, so it’s not really a surprise that he’d want the top job there once it became available. I don’t know too much about what he’s done with the academy - aside from seemingly making our U18s worse! Not too sad to see him go, but would be nice to have some stability down there.


Brady got pissed off? :joy:

During a recent interview, he called Piers Morgan a wanker and said which he is totally with Arsène. :joy:

Jonker has been appointed by Gazidis, against Wenger, but you don’t know that. :joy:


if you say so.
He told me personally, when i met him at the Marsden last year… He only came back to help the club out…
In other words Wenger hardly takes notice of what anyone says, its his way or the highway…

And he(Liam)isnt going to let a cunt like Morgan cunt him off is he…


Yeh, only thing I can think he might’ve done is have some influence in the Malen signing but even then that seemed more like a conscious effort at board and Arsène level (as they’re the same thing really :slight_smile: ) to bring in more talented youngsters from abroad into our academy.

Otherwise I’m really not bothered, especially if he had any influence in some of the rather ridiculous decisions to keep people like Bielik, Zelalem, Mavididi, etc. around for the first half of the season instead of letting them get experience on loan.


Didn’t he help rebuild some of the infrastructure and training grounds during his time and had his say in who to bring in to the club at youth level?


According to this report he wasnt that successful at it.

Mainly down to Wenger…


Tbf that’s really just one case in which I think Wenger made the right decision. They claim that there is more though, of which I don’t really know if true. Also saying that Wenger overruling Jonker on the topic of Henry had anything to do with Jonker taking over a Bundesliga job is quite a stretch in all honesty.