Arsenal Reserves & Youths

Bettiah than Nketiah? :man_shrugging:t3:

Slept on this guy… haven’t followed the U teams as much as I used to… seems we have a few interesting potential gems. Love it.

Not sure why it would.

Even Motherwell fans would agree playing to avoid relegation to the Scottish 1st Division or going to a club fighting for the Austrian title is absolutely no comparison lol

State of this lad. Great talent but more in his looks than football.
We’ll probably see him in a reality show before his thirties, lol.

Scored that banger against Watford in pre-season a couple years ago and it was all downhill from there. New Zelalem.

Its @Electrifying i feel sorry for here.


Should only be sorry for him he didn’t make use of his talent to be a first teamer here

Maybe our kids are just not that good.
At least not right now.

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This is like finding Messi clips post 2015 when he was washed and trying to make him look bad.

Peak @BigWeng_4LYFE was like no other. He was special.

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+£20m for Mika

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A goal on his debut, sweet. Hopefully he can avoid injuries for the remaining months of the season.

A full pre-season with Arsenal in summer 2024, then a loan move to the Championship should be the next goal.

It’s clear Arteta has his eyes on him - realised he’s too good so arranged a more challenging loan to see if he can deliver at that level.

Mika and Patino, I wonder if we decide to promote them or flip them in the summer?

Hypothetically, if we were to sell that’d considered pure profit, correct?

Top quality #9s are hard to come by, and it’d be a mistake to sell Biereth before we know his actual level.

But yes, if he’s sold it’s registered as ‘pure profit’. It would not surprise me if he followed Hojlund’s trajectory.


Yeh I’m intrigued with Mika now. I liked his bullishness to switch clubs in the middle of the season to prove himself.

Not sure what his contract situation is but we could certainly farm him out to a Bundi club next season to get some more exposure and to potentially drum up more interest if need be.



Hojlund trajectory :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:


Like the variety of goals there. And he looks thick and durable already.

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