Arsenal Reserves & Youths

This kid in our U14s looks special. Crazy footwork.

Fabio Vieira is definitely getting punished

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Lost 5-2

Bloody hell


14-3!! Liverpool got fucked up the annous


is this kid quality or were liverpool extra turd and down to 7 men 10 minutes in?

I have to see if there is highlights of this game somewhere


Some better finishing there than Jesus

@Cristo one for the future, though England could poach him :sweat_smile:

Good to see Mika Biereth overcoming his injuries for now, whenever he seems to return, he doesn’t show any signs of struggle to produce output numbers. Perhaps the league is below his quality but good to see him showing potential.

11 starts, 6 goals and 5 assists. Very impressive.

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Thought HEP was some recognised football data analyst group. It’s just an acronym for Hale End Productions, lmao.


We should’ve included a recall clause in the deal. Could’ve had him playing at a championship club second half of the season to test him at a higher standard.

Forgot this guy is still on the books

Wow, kid’s ruthless. He may actually make it.

Ouch. That’s deffo going to set off a few Scots.

That’s likely the reason he returned to Arsenal under the guise of extra training. Agent made him aware that other clubs were interested in him

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