Arsenal Reserves & Youths

We could have the next Zelalem on our hands.



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Per BBC:
“Wales had several chances to score after the break, but Gareth Bale and Tyler Roberts were both denied by excellent saves from Estonia’s teenage Arsenal goalkeeper Karl Hein

It’s already too late smh

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They’re all babyfaces. Going straight to the top! :rofl:

wow is omari hutchinson training with the 1st team now too? i remember him when he was just a little kid doing his street footie stuff

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Patino looks quite a player.


So pointless.

But trust Bin Teta’s process

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Wonder if we’ll try loaning him out in January? He and Eddie may as well do one for now.


might be in the 1st team soon, he is already training with them.

Worth noting that its not total scrubs he just embarrassed in that video, #5 is Teden Mengi, probably United’s top defender in the academy, #4 is Phil Jones who is kind of a joke at that point but still a real senior player, and the keeper is Dean Henderson.

I think Patino might be a couple years away from any real impact but I really really like his potential. He is toying with the opposition at U23 level and he is one of the younger players and definitely not bigger, faster, or quicker than the opponents. Yet he always has time on the ball, can seemingly spin or glide by anybody, always seems a step ahead with his thinking, etc. He just looks like a natural footballer.

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10 men after 35 minutes.

1-6 win.


Salah Oulad is Moroccan I believe. Hear he’s a really good talent but he’s had some bad injury issues if memory serves me right.

if that was the 1st team the result would be reversed.

This kid is fake.


The new U23 manager seems to be doing a nice job, or maybe Steve Bould was just that bad.

We were 10th of 13 in the table last year and currently we’re 2nd, having beaten Chelsea, United, and Spurs in our last three matches. And other than Balogun playing some matches its not like we are doing it by playing a bunch of older guys at that level.

Its all about just developing the top players in the end but better to be winning than losing.


Just saw some snippets of him in the Under 23s and he looks to have some real talent, I hope he gets some League Cup time very soon.

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