Arsenal Reserves & Youths

Finally announced.

Hopefully not another Vela.


Do not respect Hale End @Electrifying

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Vote Tory to protect our borders!!!

Expecting more of these in the coming days.

Not sure if he even has a thread.

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Lad has a sponsor already? :eyes:

Highly rated by who? Calling it now. He isn’t making it here.


Elec is gonna come for you now

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Cbf tbh.

Something something Bellerin sucks something @Phoebica

He started it by bringing Bellerin’s bad injury up for no reason

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You know the words

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Some random ITK is claiming Balogun is going to sign an extention. Usually I don’t really care about the youths, but with all the hype he and Azeez have been getting I’m curious about those two.

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Hope so… Auba is aging and doesn’t even play through center all the time… Laca is ok option, but not starting top 4 material probably, and Nketiah just seems like he is destined for mid-tier Prem transfer at some point, even though I do like the kid. Balogun should have path to games/time here if he can develop.

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I believe Nketiah had a better goal record than Balogun for the youths?