Arsenal Reserves & Youths

Sounds like your typical young Brit footballer thinking they’ve made it before making an appearance. Would not budge either. Take it or fuck off.

Thought he was a yank? But yeah alot of youngsters appear to have terrible attitudes.

Still, would rather give him a chance over Eddie to see if he takes it

Seems like a mistake to be letting him go?

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This guy looks like he is built to be a box to box rather than right back. He can tackle, he looks like he has and engine, he can carry the ball, technique and he looks like he can pass

We’ve got some serious ballers in our youth again.

Brilliant work the past decade. Thank fuck we’re long away from the likes of Sanchez Watt and Jay Emmanuel Thomas.

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Fuck me they are some names I haven’t heard in a long time. Jay is almost 30 and has done nothing of note as a footballer :grimacing: no wonder wenger bought young talent from overseas

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Once again I am asking you to respect Hale end

Doubt many knew he was a Hale End product.

I saw this and thought of @Electrifying. :rofl:

Sheffield United: We want to offer £3m for Balogun.
Arsenal: No, £15m and then we talk. Respect Hale End.


Things are really changing at this club? haha

He should be given a chance over Eddie, seriously.

Demand a fee for a guy who has never played but give away a good centre back for free and a attacking midfielder who got 9 goals 6 assists in 16 appearances for free.

They have no idea what they’re doing do they.

Question is can we keep him or not… if he leaves on a free next season, meh…

Wasn’t he rumored to not be interested in renewing?


Goals from the PL2 game last night.

TJJ lovely goal

TJJ is a baller, even if he doesn’t make it here due to the competition I reckon he’ll have a good career elsewhere.
Lewis btw is such a tidy player. He is absolutely bossing it since he came. Would love to see him get a senior game for us this season.

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