Arsenal Reserves & Youths

should switch to following the yoofs

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Saka is another one of those players that are too good for the youth stage but at the same time would probably be murdered in the 1st team…probably needs to go on loan to a moderately good epl team to get to the next stage.


We should never loan a player to a PL team again. Basically never works out apart from that one time for Jack.

true, thats a big problem, we always loan then the fuckers never play them.

Chambers at Middlesbrough in 16/17 was one of their first choice CB’s along with Ben Gibson

Yea but he’s came back here, played a little and fucked off on loan again so I’m not sure that’s successful.


Wish we could beat City 4-1 as well :santi: :henry2:


saka seems to be scoring a lot of goals recently, good on him.

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Mertesacker in trouble for not being there and going to watch the NBA instead. Bit odd, given he’s the manager :eyes:

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The blonde guys doesn’t look like a footballer.

Often said of Meretersacker that.


Haha touche

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He’s not the manager. He’s the head of the youth section

Ah cheers, I thought Mertesacker was our manager, yet he seems really dark-haired and frankly non-Germanic this season, also his English has gone way downhill. Cheers for setting me straight :+1:

Think Ljunberg is the manager

Bayern apparently want Xavier Amaechi. They can fuck off!!


Don’t worry mate. Everyone here knows how good he is and he has a contract until 2022. He’s safe for now.