Arsenal Reserves & Youths






No idea actually


Loan. The transfer window for permanent moves in England has closed remember…


i meant was this one of those ‘we will loan him this year and buy him next’ with all the moves out of the club i was wondering if he was another one of them but structured differently.


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Charlton couldn’t buy a plastic bag right now. We’re probably still paying his full wages.


Fuck Tottenumb! We can still beat them :kos2:


Pleguezuelo seems like a player. Classic Spanish CB. Very good with his feet and uses his brain to cover his physical weaknesses, even with mind games. Was rewarded by training with the first team this week. There will be stiff competition for the cup games it seems.


Serious question, do you think our academies have improved or was there any order from the higher ups to give them more chances? I ask this because to me it’s very obvious that we(as fans) have been exposed to more youth talent than in previous periods and many have been given (what seems to me) unconditional faith by managers even when not performing.
Personally, I think it’s a mixture of both.


To Wenger? Absolutely not.


Dunno, while Arsene did indeed used to give chances to youngsters the phenomenon surely has been more and more evident the past 3-4 years.
I think the model certainly changed. We used to sign more young-ish players and try to develop them(not necessarily academy players). Now we sign more prime players and try to incorporate our academy youngsters with them, in the hope that they improve by competition.


Has it? Prove it with stats and stuff. :slight_smile:


There is a stat that we gave the most minutes to academy players from the top 6 last season (4,130 minutes to be specific). Also, we’ve seen guys like Nketiah and Nelson get valuable time in the cups. This may not surprise some but this is no Squillaci era that there was no option but use youngsters. We have some proper calibre players(at least on paper) and some depth that technically adds to the competition. Plus, more and more youth players seem to pop in our training(from weekly photos and videos published online).
There has certainly been a shift and focus to the academy. My question is, was it because of the quality there or just for the sake of it?


What’s the cut off to come up with that stat? Under 23?

How long had the players that stat was measured against been at the clubs? Before their 16th birthday? Before their 18th?

I honestly don’t think there’s been any difference the last number of seasons in terms of academy graduates to the first team. There’s always been one or two knocking about and that’s true now too.


So this is in an updated one(in which we are compared against every PL team, and probably by the end of the season) from the one I checked before. The key in my theory though is that our players registered all these minutes in a competitive squad. Unlike previous years.


As opposed to friendlies? I had assumed that much in Fairness.


Hector Bellerin has been the club’s top academy player, having played 3,051 minutes.

He’s followed by Alex Iwobi (1,844 minutes) and Jack Wilshere (1,187 minutes).

So that’s most of the minutes between those three guys and almost half by Hector alone. Yes they are academy graduates but Hector is in his fifth season as part of the sqaud, Iwobi in his fourth and Wilshere was in his 120th. So the thousand minutes or so the likes of Nelson and Nketiah got were about what I’d be expecting.


Well, Wilshere I could consider a graduate from the past. Hector and Iwobi still relatively new. Btw, this is just from the PL alone. Maitland-Niles got some minutes too but that was indeed due to the necessity to fill the void of Monreal and Kolasinac.