Arsenal Pics & Vids




If Love Island was still on youd find an alternative.


Nah Aubazette would win it :wink:



The guy besides Lacazette is an absolute UNIT!! haha


who is that guy beside Lacazette?


We’ve signed Lukaku!

It’s Tolaji Bola.


So Mustafi and Bellerin are ball-watching and Guendouzi is carrying our midfield. What’s new?


At the time, I didn’t even realise how lucky I was to witness them all. What a spoilt bastard I was.


in years to come we will replace that photo with one of jenks, bellerin, iwobi, nelson and nketiah and think…wow were so spoiled with this, beyond lucky to witness such greatness :henry2:


21 years on since Wrighty scored the goal that broke Cliff Bastin’s all time goals record. Very rare you get a feature taking place inside the Highbury Gardens, feels so strange!

At the time I thought his record would stand for a long time to come, but we were lucky to get Henry shortly after that.




Squad goals? Carl Jenkinson managed to get in the photo FFS :rofl:

Also, bit harsh putting Torreira on the second row. They could at least have given the little guy a box to stand on!


Jenkinson is the very definition of stealing a living lol




Love that! :video_game:


EmeryBall! :giroud2:


Wonder what the lord is looking at :joy::joy::joy:


Remember this. Was buzzing until we fucked it and it ended 3-3 :expressionless: