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An arsenal legend and Ian Wright. Great picture!




LOLLLLL did not expect that ending. :joy:



Wtf is Clichy doing ? How can u not stare at dat phat ass !




this ^ is the real reason they want £200k/w to play football




one taught me love,

one taught me patience,

one taught me pain,


Instant classic :arteta:


Haha I was just going to post that.


Lol I love Auba and Laca. So happy we signed them. They are like two best mates. Why is man doing this? :joy::joy:


Everything is WHAT


Arsenal’s 9 most liked Instagram pictures of 2018



I’ve seen an absolutely hilarious video of Arsenal speaking Chinese for Chinese New year, but I can’t work Facebook sharing. There’s no way I can believe we’d have trouble with carrasco’s club after watching that.

If anyone sees it on another, better website, please post it. I’ll be on the lookout too


This is it lmao!



SUUUIIIIIII you found it!!


@everyone look at this hilariousness.

Edit look at this ffs :arteta: :poldi:


Auba and Laca are just the lads aren’t they?