Arsenal Pics & Vids


He’s just my favourite player of all time. When I used to play, I always tried to be like Dennis. Simple, but so ridiculously elegant and gifted. His touch could take multiple players out the game at once.

Incredible incredible player. The king.



Alexis Sánchez

I remember when we played beautiful football and didn’t win anything and we all said we didn’t care how we played we just wanted to win things. Now our football is so bad I’d kill to watch us ping moves together like that again.


This aged well… :grimacing:


:arteta: :arteta: :arteta:


but its not funny tho :frowning:


Two Premier League legends :clap:


Apparantly it has also Mourinho’s name on it. I would melt it down if I was Wenger.


Jesus that’d be awful. If it was a Ferguson > Wenger thing I’d have thought it was nice but Mourinho’s fake smiles just made it look like a shitty PR stunt and complely soured it.


This was so good.


That was great – especially because it was a bit of a robbery :laughing:


My ex girlfriend loved RVP, I remember myself and lads turning to her when he went up to take his spot kick saying “ Jess, if he misses this is on you”


Another Martin Tyler classic


“Niiiiiice Ains, really coming along” LOL.





I really like this image.


One is a sneaky cunt though :mustafi:


Name me a better double act


Aubameyang and Ozil.