Arsenal Football Club History


I hate Paris…just saying.


This was the highlight of the trip !


If you don’t object I think i might make a separate thread for all these stories/vids etc. They are quite entertaining and i think having them in one place might encourage others to share too. :slight_smile:


The vid isn’t mine but i was in the vicinity,its been criticised as being homophobic but it isnt ! U can put my tales anywhere u want sham !


Cheers man, that’ll be a weekend project. :slight_smile:

Haven’t watched that particular vid yet, i’ll see if it passes my offence radar later :grin:


Three years ago today. :rosicky::rosicky::rosicky:


I was traveling at that time…some bright spark decided to go by train boat and train…To avoid ob… We were due back morning after game for a bail hearing.10am. But this caused us problems anyway…I was stopped and held just as we were about to board the ship, lucky for me the customs officer was a gooner and after me promising id return and showing her my return ticket via euro star she let me go…wish she hadnt now…poxy trip all round, seeing all those corporate arseholes with tickets…fucking leaches… I got a not guilty btw…


[quote=“Calum, post:110, topic:556”]
Three years ago today. :rosicky::rosicky::rosicky:
[/quote]I miss Rosicky so damn much :santi: Scored some wonderful goals during his time with us.


He always played with pace and urgency something we lack big time at the moment…


I got a tug by that idiot Sergeant Spooner who asked for my passport at Heathrow when I refused he told me he could make me miss the plane . I told him that unless he was arresting me on a charge he better get out of my way or il sue the met police for false imprisonment and malicious prosecution ! My Missus was a tad shocked but all was well as he just stood back !



I just love that Sagna header, almost like him saying “Fuck off you cunt we’re winning this”.
Same with Per’s header in the next 5-2.


I miss Rosicky :confounded:


I think all goals that day had something special about them, not only because they were against Spurs, but also because they were all exciting in their own way. Something that goes missing a lot these days unfortunately.


I actually went in for that game…1 of 3 times ive stepped into the cash bowl…the others being, The other 5-2 game and a 3-1 v Stoke…
100% record… FOYS


That was the most disciplined Arsenal performance in years. Was really hoping and praying that could become a blueprint for us in big away games but clearly it was just a complete one-off. Arsene said after the game that we had tried to play that way before but it only gets mentioned when we win. The fact that he couldn’t see the differences between that performance and the failed attempts to do that in games previous is a shame really.


My first North London Derby :heart:


Love re-watching games when we beat that lot!


Don’t know if you’ve seen this @SLAG


Shame Drayton isnt still here…he was very good mates with D… And its good our lot havent taken coin… As was said “Always a case of if you need to ask, you don’t need to know. Publicity is, was, and never will be welcomed.”… And believe me our lot could tell some tales, and intern putting some of the blatent lies from others to rights. RIP The Bear… The plaques still there…