Arsenal Football Club History


Loved that win at The Bernabeu

Reminds me of that crazy Lehmann save in the return leg at Highbury, tense game.


I was there and missed the goal…


I was at the second leg at Highbury, I still can’t get my head around that Lehmann save and he made it right in front of me! One of the best saves I’ve seen live in the ground, and hands down the best 0-0 I’ve ever been to.


:see_no_evil:How did you manage that?!


Was in bog, half time, so got back to seat just after goal.


Yeah both fantastic but I’d match the Madrid one higher just because it was the 1/4 finals? and the Inter one was the group stages.


I was at both Madrid away was great ,couldn’t get a ticket in the Arsenal section but there were thousands of Arsenal in the home ends in small groups . I loved the Heating ,the Tapas and Riocha bar and the escalators which ran to the top . The ground is 100 times better than the shithole in barca and the people are nicer too ! But more much more than this was Henrys goal which stunned the locals into silencio ! Afterwards more Tapas more wine and then a visit to Viva’s a fantastic and very reasonable whorehouse !
Was the last away trip I ever did with my old mate Denton " The Bear "




We took over their main bar…


Ha, sadly not. Just did an image search and thought that was a pretty cool image to represent the occasion


Madrid, where 50/50 was seen touting tickets… Someone else tried it in our hotel, got a proper slap for trying to rip off fellow Arsenal fans…


We were a bit further down than that place but I went in their pub later ,with many getting mangled ,apparently the quality of class a’s wasn’t bad either !
The three A’s Arsenal,Class A’s and Ale ,getting fucked up since the '70’s !


It was the round of 16, we played Juve in the Quarters :slight_smile:

But the principle of knockout stage vs group stage still applies which is why I wasn’t disagreeing.

I’ve got such fond memories of the 05/06 season. The Champions League campaign is the obvious highlight, especially as I was there for the home group stage matches and to see us face Real, Juve and Villarreal on the way to the final. I remember the Real Madrid match was the first time I was completely starstruck by our opponents. Firstly by the club themselves, and secondly players like Zidane, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Raul, Casillas and Thomas Gravesen.

I had a ticket for the final but my Mum didn’t let me go to Paris because it was in the middle of my GCSEs. I did have an exam on the morning of the match at 9.00am but my next one wasn’t for a week afterwards! Even though we lost I’ve still not quite forgiven her for not letting me go lol.


Maybe Lehmann would’ve heard you scream “Don’t fucking foul him” or scream “Close your fucking legs you fucking retarded” at Almunia.


I hope that last name was a joke lol


I never got to see him at Everton so it was a big deal for me ok


That 0-0 second leg at Highbury was the tensest match I think I’ve ever watched.


Shame on ye Jakey should have left home !
As boy I used to go first and take the rap later which applied to Arsenal and a few weeks when I ran away from home to see all the Bowie concerts after seeing him in my home town ! Mind you hitchhiking train jibbing and illegal squats were easy stuff in the 70’s !:smiling_imp:


Haha I wish. My dad fell in line on the matter so there was no way round it.

All credit to him though ultimately, because we always want to the football together throughout my childhood he said it wouldn’t be the same without me. We sold both tickets for face value to mates and watched it on the box together.


Im joshing Jakey , not sure if ive shared my story for Paris but in short my missus won the toss up between son and her but he was in Uni in Kent so he came on the off chance and got in with a fake ticket bought for 30 euros !