Arsenal Football Club History

Article on about Arsenal fan POWs who created a football team in a camp in Germany during WW2.


How football tactics were explained back in the day, former manager Tom Whittaker


How football tactics were explained prior to the PSG match 13/9/2016…


The match was the 13/9/16 :sweat_smile:

Morris would be the kinda manager that would turn up, wondering why everyones so late, only to find out, they’d gone home the day before :ramsey:

You guys are so pedantic. And I even used the stupid British dating system for all you assholes. Edited.

You mean the Date system that most of the World uses? Poor you :campbell:


Yeah, I’ve never quite understood why the month comes first in the American system.


It’s like when they got their independence, they decided to be petty & turn everything around to oppose British.

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Wouldn’t you?

Nah we just make movies where Britishers are taught a lesson in the end.

Hey, We’ve learned our lesson enough thanks.


We’ve truly won…but if Trump gets elected I would have HMS’s steaming across the Atlantic to take back what is yours

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Guess what’s today’s featured article in Wikipedia


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FourFourTwo has made a list of the greatest 50 football teams of all time. Arsenal 03-04 are 44th on that list and Arsenal 30-35 is 40th on the list. I don’t know how serious to take this if Leicester are 50th though. Great accomplishment, but one of the 50 greatest sides in football…



Put this in the wrong thread. Lol.

Ha! Subbuteo. How many of us had that game when we were kids?

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That team is surely higher in the list if you take it as say 02-05 where we won trophies in each of those seasons. You could even go for 98-05 (at a stretch) but it seems a little short sighted to pick that single season

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Just randomly looking at Arsenal’s wikipedia entry, according to our honours list, we won some competition called Southern Professional Floodlit Cup in 1958/59, what a name :campbell: We beat Crystal Palace in the final 2-1.

Apparently it involved clubs from London, South East England and a few clubs from the Midlands. The competition existed for just a few seasons in the 50s.

The competition gave way to what we now know as the League Cup.

Some more info/history about the competition here:

In the above link, there’s an interesting quote regards to our approach to not wanting to enter the League Cup.

The reason for being part of the Floodlit Cup but not the League Cup seems to have been two fold. First, that the new cup was described by the founder Football League President Joe Richards, as an interim step towards league re-organisation – which Arsenal opposed. Second that the League Cup was open to clubs from across the country – whereas the Floodlit Cup was very much a London affair for most of the timee.

To give the context of this, there was much talk about declining crowds in the era, and while Arsenal v Tottenham in September 1960 got 60,088 into Highbury, other matches got far fewer. Arsenal v Fulham on 3 April 1961 attracted only 20,142 for example. Richards spoke of ‘cutting down the number of clubs in each division… and even given more consideration to the system of four up and four down’. Arsenal, a very conservative club at the time, wanted none of that.

Arsenal, a conservative club in 1960? I guess things don’t really change :wink: