Arsenal Football Club History


You can stick your fucking 2 points up your arse… Great season…


Some Spanish footy journalist uploaded Arsene Wenger’s first ever match in charge at Arsenal.


Jeff Kenna, Nicky Marker, Henning Berg, Gary Croft!

Omg it’s a late 90s Premier League sticker collector’s paradise. Nerdgasm


One of the next videos after the Blackburn one is the 49 unbeaten, how our football has gone downhill since then… From Simple flowing to precise and dull.


Edit: Arsenal 1982 Christmas Party
Edit: 2. Above taken from here

Some very interesting stuff on this blog…




Persil…Steve Walford.



One for the Aussies.


Whats all this stuff about us being around before Wenger? I’m not having it!


Parallel universe…
Wonder if Maxi would have loved Uncle Bertie as much as he loves AW?


Just think if it wasnt for AW the world wouldnt know we exist…


This one might interest @Maxi_Gooner

Anyone remember Max Kester? When the programe was one of the only places you put your moan in writing. He was King…


Our best away win in CL history! What a night


Arsenal FC founded in 1996 by Danny Fizbang and Arsene Wenger !
Died in 2006 !
er thats it


I’ll never forget that night. Peter Drury on commentary as well.

And people wonder why we’re bored of the last 7/8 seasons when we’ve had great European away nights like that


One of Henry’s all time best goals. He mugged off some good players en route to goal, majestic as fuck.


I don’t disagree but this one still runs it close



Is that your own copy of Gazzetta dello Sport? Such a great cover.

For me, that game against Inter Milan is the greatest Champions League game I can personally remember us in. The 1-0 at the Santiago Bernabeu. The 3-1 (2001-02), and 2-0(2005-06) against Juventus are also contedners.

Post-2006 the only games that come close was the 5-0 against Porto, the home game agaisnt Villareal (not sure of the score), and of course the 2-1 againat Barcelona in 2011.


The 5-1 win vs Inter Henry just took the piss.