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On this day…


I miss the little Czech so much :santi:


Good interview with a good mate of mine…


Everything he has to say is valid and interesting. Great post @SLAG



Melvyn Bragg sat behind me in Paris 95 wonder if he got his ticket the same way i got mine…


Someone from the north bank and south bank show then.


Watching those vids you wonder what happened to the optimism? Even Wenger for whatever he says isnt the same person.


The Arsenal and me…Yes it a shewore blog but this section of it is always a good read…

Block 20…





As a player i remember Pat through the papers asking us to get behind the team and we responded…today they ask us to sit nicely and dont spoil it for others…


Maybe and i say MAYBE (but cant see it seeing how fucking useless we have been recently from top to bottom) we will fuck a lot of those players off, and have some maneouvring room in the wage system and buy in some real talent that we can actually pay decent wages and abolish this shitty system of matching wages across the board. I think it is about time the board and manager realises you cannot pay the likes of Sanchez the same wage pretty much as fucking walcott


Arsene dosent buy superstars but he pays shit players superstar wages.


He doesn’t though. Part of our problem is that we don’t pay superstar wages to our actual superstars.


Yup we hold onto garbage with this socialist wage structure have stupid amounts of crap players on £70k a week which shouldnt even be near our fucking club but the players that are decent are on 140k max, the whole thing is a shitshow what other club in the world does this. Wenger is an absolute twat and his values are only good for himself but dont work in the real world how would you feel if you were at an office and you were a top salesman and you were paid nearly the same as the person that sits at the photocopier all day.

I wish wenger will just fuck off so this whole club can change, the whole club is run on his ideals which are outdated and pathetic we will never move on until this fucking crap is dealt with so tired of hearing the wages debate but ooohhh we dont have enough money for world class players but we have enough to pay 30 shit players a lot of money making up £180m a year…fucking hell that is top tier bayern etc dont spend that much on wages i am sure…wenger has really screwed up this club and it is going to take fucking years to put right!


I would hardly call it socialistic. Paying 140k for shit.


How are 70k and 140k a week nearly the same?

Not that you don’t have a point overall but that’s some heavy hyperbole there.


Is more of the point of our more senior players that are plainly dogshite ala walcott are pretty much on the same wage as Sanchez and Ozil and he is nowhere near the same ballpark of player…maybe should have made that more clear.


Fair enough. Don’t really agree Walcott is shite but i see what you’re getting at.