Arsenal Football Club History


Is this the remix edition of Tiger in Piccadilly\Leicester Square?


To be honest I’ve never really gone out like that in central I tend to stick to Shoreditch / Clapham and very rarely Camden. I’ve just never liked the hassle of being in central lol.


Zebrano ain’t too bad, at least imo. Though I rarely sat indoors or went downstairs, just a good place to sit outdoors and sink a few coronas and people watch, so perhaps I missed the awfulness haha


On this day in 2006,


That back 4 tho.

On this day in 2006 the banter era officially commenced.


That’s amazing.
We won 7-0 without the opposition scoring and we had Djourou, Senderos and Cygan in our defence.


Boro probably barely touched that ball.


Cattermole wont have.


On this day in 1997,



Absolutely love the celebration.


The technique on that man.

The :goat: :goat: :goat:


I think sometimes it’s underestimated how influential he actually was on the attacking play. As great as Henry and Pires were he made sure the ball went the right places from midfield to those three players around him.


Bergkamp was a master. 100% always played THE perfect pass. There’s a goal where he assisted van Persie, van Persie called for it 3 or 4 times, but Bergkamp waited and waited till the perfect moment and it was an easy finish. He did that so many times. What an unbelievable quality.


Yeah he never ever allowed the pressure of people around him calling for the ball to get to him. He played the game at his pace and played the passes he wanted to play and it was virtually always the right pass.


Still astounds me to this day how he managed to make a connection with the ball with his foot and body angled as they were, and send it into the far top corner


Your going to mention the keeper again now.:grinning:


On this day in 2015,


Last time we beat a top 6 team away ? Unless you count Leicester in 15/16, but I’m talking traditional top 6 ?


Yeah this was the last time until Wembley in March when the run will be broken :wink: