Arsenal Football Club History


Haha, I used to think the exact same thing years ago. Used to feel like Vieira was holding us back especially after we did Juventus over two legs.

Obviously in hindsight though we were just a much better team with Vieira in the midfield.


Bergkamp’s fear of flying could have also contributed to our failure in Europe in those times, we missed him on those away trips. I must say our CL record from 98-05 still annoys me, given the quality of our team the results we achieved in Europe were rather below par.




Good god, I forgot how ridiculously amazing that last bit of skill for the 3rd goal was :giroud2:


On this day in 2015,


On this day in 1932,

Highbury’s West Stand was opened by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.


On this day in 2009,

Probably one of my favourite commentarys over a goal ever.


Arshavin was an absolute beast whenever he appeared at Anfield during this period. Such a maverick player, but such a wonderful player on his day.


What a finish, was a sweet result as I was watching at one of my Liverpool mates houses.


“Aquilani and N’Gog” - it’s easy to forget Liverpool’s banter era coincided with a lot of ours :unai:



We never read of hear about the great players of that team in regards of ‘GOAT’ discussions and stuff like that. One hand that’s not so strange because it has been a while ago, but other clubs might preserved legacies of older players a bit better I feel like. Or they had more more successes.


Think we had periods of average too very ordinary seasons a lot in the 50s 60s 70s and early 80s tbh. We also in that time had a reputation in the 70s and 80s being quite dower too watch apart from the odd individual. Being their at the time id admit a lot of it was tbh.


That double winning team didn’t have many flair players apart from Charlie George.
Most of the players were hard working and, as @Stroller said, quite boring to watch.

But a few from around then went on to be involved with the coaching side of the club like George Graham, George Armstrong, Pat Rice and Terry Neill, who I don’t think was part of the double winning season, but was just before.


On this day in 2010,


On this day in 1994,

John Jenson scored his one and only goal for Arsenal


On this day in 2012,


The :crown: returns…


Was watching that in the absolute dive that is Zoo Bar in Central, genuinely had a tear in my eye when he put that one in, hugging other adults for emotional support. That was such a special moment.

I know that some other London young’uns must have been to that awful place @cristo @srcjj @phoebica @sol? Haha


Ah yes. Zoo bar, Zebrano and Lucky Voice were my regular Friday night haunts when I first starting working in Soho :see_no_evil:


QPR. Great goal. We still lost 1-3 at home, mind