Arsenal Football Club History




Our website is 21 years old? :cech:




What a bloke :heart_eyes:


Arsene’s boyband days?


No Direction


Starts / goals ratio is incredible. Legend


Still got my home shirt from that season. It’s a bit tight on me now, though. :slight_smile:


Great photo, but you would have thought his mum would have ironed his shirt and shorts, although it does look like she polished his buttons.


If I remember rightly Ted Drake was at Southampton when he was approached by The Arsenal. He was working part time selling ice creams and playing for Southampton…? Arsenal wrote to his Father asking if he would like to sign for Arsenal. My ol’brain isn’t what it was but I seem to recall he was a record transfer either for Arsenal or in football in general.
He was a good player , a good solid club , team player.
With his goal scoring record he is a true club legend.


Did there used to be a museum in Highbury? I have it in my head that I read about Ted Drake scoring the 7 agaisnt Villa in a museum as a young fella but as I was only in Highbury the once I’m not sure if I’m mixing things up. :slight_smile:


when they rebuilt the Northbank they put an Arsenal museum there . Regarding Ted Drake getting seven against Villa I think that was right . I seem to recall England fielded 7 Arsenal players in one game .
Not sure if Wikipedia has this as a fact tho


That makes sense so, it was the north bank we were in that day. We beat Spurs 3-1 :sunglasses:

The 7 goals by Drake has always stuck in the memory. Here’s the match report. :slight_smile:


Quality post .
I wish I knew how to upload videos of The Arsenal.
Our club is so rich in history and tradition it needs to be shared .



On this day in 1991 we signed Ian Wright


A special day for us and @mysty on this day two years ago


A game everyone was nervous about, and yet we tore Chelsea apart in such wonderful unexpected fashion :sunglasses:


Looking back, what a fucking finish by Ozil in such a big game none the less.

Not enough is made of that tbh. Because he’s one of the undesirables like Pogba. Bet if some Scouse fucker like Coutinho did it, James Redknapp would be going on about it to this day, or more likely, it would win the Puskas award.