Arsenal Football Club History



Surprised you dont see more of these kits on our fans at games really. Age thing I suppose.


They’re not easy to get hold off at a reasonable price unfortunately. I don’t like the replica one they sell at Arsenal without the stripes.

That kit goes for a minimum £100-150 if you want it in good condition.


What an amazing night that was , even now after all these years it makes me tearful.
The whole world and it’s brother wanted Liverpool to win , the footballing gods were praying for a scouse win but quietly, George Graham was oozing confidence , this was installed into the team .
The result was the greatest title win ever .

Thank you for posting the video .
I’ll be watching it several times .

RIP Rocky Rocastle


Worth a click to go through the album. Class post from the skipper


The highest I’ve gone is 70 or 80 (can’t remember which) for this badboy

I really want the classic bruised banana shirt with the chevrons on it, which seems to be regularly and widely touted as one of the classic cult strips, but that always seems to be 200 quid plus. Completely unjustifiable. There are quite a few of our nineties home kits with Bergkamp/Wright printed in the back but they’re all north of 120 quid.

It’s also nigh on impossible to get one in medium, which goes for most shirts older than fifteen years. All you ever see is fucking XLs and bigger lol

I’ve decided the best thing to do is probably for me to buy shirts now when they’re a couple of years old for like 20 quid and hope that I think they’re as cool in ten years time as I do now with our retro shirts.


Could eat more.


I’ve managed to source the 3rd kit jacket for this season finally, for £45 which is not bad (was £70)

Love it.


Still think Alexis goal is one of the best arsenal goals I’ve seen live. :heart_eyes:


Our old legends are playing


That’s a pretty brilliant line-up tbh.

Little Mozart. :heart_eyes:


Matty Upson. Get in!


Fucking hell. Rosicky already in a Legends game. It seems like yesterday he was still playing for us.


Not so much playing, more like watching :wink:


What’s Wenger doing picking Manuel Almunia?

He’s got a heart condition you insensitive cunt.


also, of all of our gks he chooses almunia :xhaka:


Imagine if he just got fired but was back already on the touchline for this match lol


Did our legends win?

I’m out celebrating weekend with friends


Where Luca leads others follow.