Arsenal Football Club History


Nobody wanted to even acknowledge how fantastic that Ozil finish was. They just said he was fortunate and didn’t strike it cleanly enough.

Criminally underrated finish


Nice touch from the club!


I bet @Luca_from_Italy loves the fact that one of the men that found this club was a wee Scott :wenger:



That makes me feel old as fuck.


Not that it matters, but part of me still wishes he scored the shit goal first and then broke the record with that outside of the foot beauty.

That’s one of my favourite Thierry goals.


Link pls



I called the second goal shit but the assist was exquisite lol


That first goal is just ridiculous.
It was so intentional considering he did a 360 degree turn to align himself before unleashing.


5 years ago today.




Imagine the rage Giroud and Walcott would have generated with that kind of bollocks.



Good thread, worth a click.


Reminding ourselves of our great servants is how the fans keep the soul and true identity of the club alive.
We have such a rich history as a club and one we really all should endorse. Great read and thanks for posting that.


Most of you have probably seen this before, but who really ever tires of seeing this lovely collection of old photos?


Priceless and timeless that collection. I will be revisiting this post for sure.


Yea, how about that orderly line of supporters winding down Avenell Road towards the North Bank turnstiles.


Great pictures.
It’s strange looking at the Clock End without the block of flats behind them and the North Bank without a roof.
Highbury was a great stadium and because it was compact, you were always close to the pitch.