Arsenal Football Club History


What do you think of


Not so sure the Kroenke lookalike feature will be all that popular.


What a hat trick :heart_eyes:


On this day in 2008…

“A dramatic double from the dutchman!”


Our 2 wins in the last decade at Stamford Bridge have seen 5 goals scored by RVP.


Guess who was in goal for Chelsea in that game :mustafi:


On this day in 2012:



Merida was class for us then he left and was never heard from again…

Can remember watching this game though. The football we played was class unlike the shit show we have now


That was quite a nice home kit that season, a bit less traditional perhaps with the excess red but I liked it


I loved it.
The color was very rich & modern looking and looked beautiful on Emirates’ pitch.


The 10/11 home kit was the best


On this day in 2006


:heart_eyes: One of my favourite Henry goals.

ITV have done a throwback


It’s my favourite goal by my favourite Arsenal player too :heart_eyes:

Look how far we’ve fallen since then :sob:


Oh early on in the streak of that 13 game winning streak on the march to the EPL title, I was in year 10 at school, what a time to be alive.


12 March 2006 12 years ago yesterday


@Stroller @Storey @GeorgieGraham89 thought you guys might appreciate this piece.


Thank you for that @shamrockgooner. That made me feel more Arsenal than ever in a very long time.


Back to neat goalscoring for a moment, how about Kanu.


#4 is about the only thing in this world that puts a smile on my face every time I see it.


Yea, the cheeky bastard.:slight_smile: