Arsenal Football Club History


This is how you beat Juventus in a knockout round of the CL @Spurs

That back 4. It’s actually incredible how we got to the CL final with it :joy:


On this day in 2008:

GOAT third top


I don’t know how so many Arsenal fans remember random games, but for some reason this one is one of about ten in my life that I can remember. Bendtner and van Persie looked great together and then Diaby got himself sent off and fucked it up.


Kim Kallstrom legend and Sanogo up front. Peak banter era game


On this day in 2014 I got King Hit from behind then :eyes:



I was in row 11 behind that goal. Love that his last goal was such a Bergkamp goal :slightly_smiling_face:


I want Highbury back.


Different times indeed


Don’t we all .


Some OA history I just found on my old drive.



I’m shocked that this was promoted as a thing. So poor judgement by the scouting department and Wenger. This was never going to work out.




Arsenal vs Glasgow rangers, one of the first night games at the Highbury.


Lovely photo, that. I went with my mate to a Rangers game back in 65 or 66 somewhere, and that day we had seats in the lower tier of the East Stand - we were usually on the north-east corner of the North Bank.

Glad we had the seats, though. Halfway through the second half the crowd on the North Bank parted like the Red Sea and a hail of bottles were flying - complete mayhem.

When a bunch of this lot appeared in the paper with whatever charges were laid, every one of them was like, for example, “Jimmy MacPhee, unemployed, of Govan”, and so on. We had to laugh. Unemployed, but obviously with enough money for the train fare from Scotland and a belly full of beer. Even spud games never got that bad.


Big fucking Jens!!

25 April is quite the day for Arsenal lol


Jens was the best in Europe that season. No doubt about it.


That moment was so nervewrecking lol, fucking Jens. What a hero.

And what a cheap fucking penalty, too. I was fucking raging.


Probably said this last year as well but when the cunt ref gave it I ran out the room :joy::joy: couldn’t watch it I was that nervous. Came back in when my brother shouted he saved it hah