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Shut up it’s not about you


I am so sick and tired of the fucking incessant cry wanking this country does about Hillsborough. It is absolutely ridiculous.


I always wanted to say something like this but refrained thinking maybe the significance is high over at UK.

At times I feel like Liverpool & their fans are milking the whole thing. Associating it with their history and annually celebrating/remembering the event with merchandises flying around.

Manchester fans were guilty of recalling Munich disaster on online platforms but that has reduced lately.


There’s a reason it’s still a topic and a very valid one too.


Jesus Christ what a whingey cunt. He surely knew Amy Lawrence made the film and they work for the same fucking newspaper.


Understand being pissed off at times with Liverpool fans, but never ever let that get in the way of the total miscarriage of justice carried out here by the whole of the establishment. Its far too big an issue.


That’s a poor excuse considering they won they FA Cup just before we beat them to win the League title.
If anything it should have been an incentive to win it.

People also seem to forget that we threw away a twelve point lead that season and Liverpool caught us up,
It was nothing to do with Hillsborough, it was us winning it and deserving it.

I like Liverpool as a club, and much prefer them to Man U, Chelsea or spurs, because they were the best team I have seen in this country but they really can’t use that as an excuse.


Its a fan using that argument tbf and not the club. Tbf they played 8 games in a month and that was no small feat. However the moments ours and always will be.


Despite my post kicking this off, I do disagree with you here. As @Stroller points out, it was a total miscarriage of justice conducted by the establishment: police, media and politicians in total collusion to criminalise and discredit victims, it is important that it is spoken about. Speaking about it about it for twenty plus is the only thing that lead to a semblance of justice.

But there is a time and a place, and a film made about another sports teams most incredible success is not the time really. And this doesn’t seem reated to the fight for justice, it just sounds like someone wanting to make excuses for why Arsenal won instead of Liverpool. Its also annoying because you can be sure the film will cover Hillsborough, he’s just trying to make an issue out of the trailer.


You and @Cristo are just being ignorant cunts and need to shut up. The police lied about and covered up the manslaughter of 96 fans while blaming the rest of the fans. They made up lies that the fans were robbing the dead and urinating on the dead. They fought for justice for years and got it too late if anything.

And yes if the movie doesn’t cover Hillsborough it’s a poor show, each of our players laid down flowers at Anfield that day out of respect before the game.


Fair enough. My bad.


‘Had just suffered’.

Hillsborough was on 15 april. That game was on 26 may. Liverpool’s record after Hillsborough was 4-1-1.

Don’t get me wrong I get the importance of adressing it, but somehow suggesting that the collapse in that game collides with Hillsborough seems a bit much. Or I am interpreting the tweet wrong.


I think thats exactly what hes getting at, or at least saying that that one match needs to be viewed in the context of Hillsborough


I’m sure the film cites Hillsborough in some way, but honestly, what if it doesn’t? Two totally separate events that didn’t coincide with each other.

Whilst it’s still a sore subject even to this day, being told to remember such an atrocity because David says so is a bit, well, needless.


Because it’d be like making a movie about Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics without Hitler and Nazi’s or a movie about Ali-Frazier without noting Ali been banned from boxing for his political stance.

I mean that might make sense to you if you’re autistic but to everyone else it doesn’t




Arsenal “old boy” Armand Traore? :joy: