Arsenal Financials

Any exec types on here know what this means?
What were they before?

Josh Kroenke seems more into it so maybe a good sign he’s on equal footing with his dad.

I think that’s all the change really is, good that Josh is more involved - everything has been on the up since he’s spent more time at the club.

Daddy is the money man and boss at the end of it but Josh is running the day to day.

Do you think it could also be read as Stan being more involved alongside Josh?

Hasn’t he gone from Chairman to co chairman? Which surely indicates the opposite.

Or could read it as him and Josh on a level field now and will run it together?

I would say no. He wasn’t really running it as chair so why would he be more involved as co chair. It’s a recognition of Joshs importance, not Stans. That’s my read anyway.

The quotes are the right things to say, all positive stuff

We are pleased to announce Stan Kroenke and Josh Kroenke have become our Co-Chairs whilst Tim Lewis becomes our Executive Vice-Chair.
The appointments are a recognition of how our leadership structure has evolved over the past several seasons since Kroenke Sports & Entertainment assumed 100 per cent ownership of Arsenal Football Club in 2018.
Stan, Josh and Tim have worked together to drive our club forward and their appointments bring clarity to our structure that reflect their roles and responsibilities and will ensure we continue in our pursuit of progress and success.
Stan Kroenke said: “This is a simple evolution as part of us all driving Arsenal forward and further reaffirms our family’s long-standing commitment to this great club. Stability in football has never been more important as we move past the pandemic, and we believe this is the perfect time to formalise these roles.
“Our objectives and ambition will never waver - to field teams that compete for trophies at the highest level and lead our club in a way that inspires our passionate supporters around the world.
“Supported by our Director, Phil Harris, and together with our Executive Team and all our wonderful people, we have an incredible opportunity to build on the values and traditions of Arsenal Football Club.”

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Lolol don’t go too wild with that extra 2m

Any idea how much we got last season?

Think 5th gets about £137mil.

This would be a gamechanger if it happened. Lots of obstacles, especially from the players, but if this is part of UEFA’s attempt to stave off the Super League then it could have legs.

In theory, we’d be really well positioned if these caps came into place in a couple years with us already having a more or less complete team full of prime aged players.

Link here to get around paywall:

I just don’t see how that rule is good for football.

All it does is cement the existing order. It’s dumb as fuck.

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I’m not trusting UEFA to do anything properly.

All it will mean is some clubs make clandestine payments to players/Managers. Man City & co will have players with a swiss bank account getting topped up by another linked business…

Unfortunately football turned into a full business years ago.
There’s far too many loopholes for hiding or creative accounting for anything too be fully implemented.
It’s just too big and important to everyone involved.

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No to any kind of salary cap

I have an issue with the and it’s not because clubs in England are pushing for this it’s because those fannies on the continent are crying about the financial power of the Premier league… How about, make your leagues more interesting and competitive instead of constantly bitching about the Premier League.