Arsenal and Suspicious Betting Patterns


My god, look at the date.

Xhaka is done.

Lol of course it’s him

Xhaka getting an unnecessary yellow is the least suspicious thing I have ever heard.


See @SRCJJ, now it makes why Conte wanted him at Inter. :grimacing:

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Another day, another banter club story.

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Hilarious thing is that Xhaka almost fucked it up as he could easily have seen straight red for that foul.

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Yeah I’m not having it that it’s him. And if it is then how do they prove it?

Him getting booked is not suspicious, it’s inevitable. The odds on it happening are probably rubbish as well.

Also fuck the bookies. If you take more than a few hundred quid on a bet like that tough shit if you get gamed.

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Someone in the Albanian mafia has spilled the beans to the feds


Yeah, Xhaka is actually fucked.

People would blame World War I on Xhaka if they could.

I mean…

I just don’t think you need to be in on some mega plot in order to bet/think Xhaka may get carded

Apparently the yellow was for time wasting. And shouldn’t he have been sent off earlier in the game for an awful tackle if VAR was doing it’s job?

Unless they have compelling evidence here I think this will be easily disputed.

Felt this could do with having its own dedicated thread. Was gonna change the title of the thread this news was initially posted in from “Arsenal and Gambling” to something more specific, only to realise it was an old thread about a different subject, so figured a splitting of threads would be for the best.

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Not sure where else to put this.

It’s gotta be that cunt Attwell from the City game right?

No, it’s Xhaka v Leeds.

Wait so the referee was doing the dodgy bets or Xhaka? I’ve confused myself

Check this: