Arsenal and Gambling

Pretty serious subject this, with the club seeming to tweet out more and more of this type of thing of late

Where do you stand on it?

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Sooner the better it’s all banned. But gotta take the money in the mean time.


Gambling’s relationship with football is fucking cancerous. It’s all about trying to get kids into the idea of gambling. It’s a gateway, I’ve worked for a bookmakers, I’ve sat in training on how to do turn young lads into addicts.


Already a thread did you even search? @AM_Exile @shamrockgooner

Yep, Lep’s not even exaggerating here. I’ve worked in the bookies and they don’t even care if you’re an addict or not, they’ll save face by having anti gambling leaflets but they don’t care really, they’d rather their shop earn their money


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Not really you should search before you make a thread. Pretty simple imo :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

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It’s fucking heinous tbh by the sport having no enforced rules on it.
Always good too see someone post an article on this.
Respect here @AM_Exile


FFS @calum :joy: Did I post this a year before this thread was created? I’m so before my time.


Betting on football makes me a nice little earner on the side, so I’m all for it. But you should only gamble what you can afford.

Also I believe you should invest your own time watching as much of the sport that you gamble on and how the betting market in said sport works. The more you know, the better placed you are. It’s the same as buying shares and stocks. I wouldn’t dump money into a stock I know nothing about. People need to use their brain more and stop blaming adverts.

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Think the point is about influencing people to bet and actively promoting something that can get out of order.
Nothing wrong in people having a bet. It’s your money and do what you want.
Don’t think there’s anything wrong having a bet in the ground either but actively using the club is a dangerous thing.
Think it also targets younger people to take an interest before they naturally would or should.


Disagree. Adverts are everywhere and all time. We might as well ban fast food advertising and alcohol as well while we are at it. Don’t we have an association with Calsberg too?

People don’t need to click on the link. Again, people should use their brain.

One thing I will say is that kids follow Arsenal twitter, so yeah can agree it shouldn’t be promoted by the club. Maybe I missed the initial point.


Yeah I don’t think banning gambling is a good idea, but… it should not be promoted by the club(s) and there should be proper information and education on the risks involved.

I have been putting small bets for a couple of years. All in all I am probably a little up overall. I don’t do it to make life changing gains (using the stock market for that), but it’s just fun and makes watching games a tad more interesting (especially those that are not Ajax or Arsenal).

I’d treat gambling (and probably alcohol too) in the same we do tobacco. Totally legal to partake in if you are over 18, but not something that you are allowed to advertise.

All three cause too much harm to society for them to be things we should let big companies push on people, particularly the young.

It’d be a half measure imo, but at minimum I think they should only be post watershed, it shouldn’t be so normalised for kids. There’ll be generation for whom football and gambling are inextricably linked and that’s not healthy.

And I say all of the above as someone who has smoked, drank and gambled a lot lol.


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