Mikel Arteta

Hopefully it was one of the journalists that had a go for the cancellation of the Nld

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Isn’t Xhaka still suspended seeing as we never played our league game?

I imagine so because I can still hear Spuddies wailing about the suspension not being applied for the NLD, flawed a player he is regardless, but an issue also when our CM options are still so thin.

You don’t get it?

We’re Arsenal, they’re Liverpool, all there is to it.


I’m fucking loving all these quotes from Arteta’s press conference today. He is seriously coming out swinging and going for everyone. Conte, Spurs, other teams fans, journos.

Absolutely love seeing an Arsenal manager coming out and being so aggressive in his press conference and directly calling people out.

Seems like he’s willing to defend Arsenal tooth and nail, and he’s building an us vs the world mentality in the squad.

Come on Arteta!


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Not gonna lie, I’m really not his biggest fan but slowly slowly I’m warming to him, very slowly.
Nail this and the sumer transfer window and I’ll be more convinced.

So the response to the City defeat was getting dumped from both domestic cups, I don’t see any mentality shift at this club.

18 league games left with no other competition to deal with, what’s the excuses going to be when we miss out on top 4 ?


Desperately need a striker and a CM. We cannot enter February without significant strength in their positions.


If tonight showed anything it’s you can’t go into the second half of the season with just Lacazette.

One team had a striker tonight and it’s the team going to the final


Yep, without at least a CM I don’t see us maintaining a top 4 challenge. We needed one anyway last summer.

Auba going AWOL means at least an alternative to the goat CF would be ideal.

He just offers us absolutely nothing. His movement is the pits, his ability to fashion chances for himself is near non existent and his lack of athleticism just compounds his average self.


It’s tragic, even in games where he’s alright like against City, you feel like you’d probably win that if you had a striker who knew where the fucking net was.


Surely, chaps, there’s a lot to be said for the manager in what is our biggest game of the season to date. The team clearly doesn’t have the right intensity.

If they’re not going to go out on the pitch brimming with confidence and concentration, we’re going to get a hiding.


Well they looked fired up in the first 15 mins so can’t really say he didn’t have them ready.

Players didn’t react after the goal and he didn’t get much out of them at half time so the latter is on Mikel. Late subs don’t help.

But at the end of the day we’ve lost to a far superior team and need to remember where the fuck we are. Everyone’s gotten a bit carried away by the run to 4th place, let’s focus on keeping that going.

I’m glad we didn’t play the NLD thats for sure.

A recurrent theme with Arteta is that our level is pretty high when we have absolutely everybody fit and available but that level just drops drastically as soon as you have to take a couple players out or they’re out of form/fitness. Which is a problem given that every team needs to rotate over the course of the season.

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This is as clear of example as you’ll get of the players letting the manager down. I know it’s fun to bag on Mikel but come on, this is one game away from Wembley and this is how the lads play. Absolute zero character and you don’t need your manager playing fight music in the locker room to come out with a bit of pride in a game like this

Shit depth and still some shit players letting the side down


Signings needed

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I don’t think Beggars can be choosers now. If Vlahovic is not happening you gotta sign DCL or someone.

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Very, very poor performance. Laca, ESR, Tomiyasu and Saka all were really poor. My biggest concern was the infighting. Countless times the lads kept shouting at each other, it was actually embarrassing.
Outclassed by Liverpool. Truly men vs kids today.

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