Antoine Griezmann


If this is true (and it’s a big if) that’s staggeringly bad strategy. It was clear pretty early in the window that Costa wasn’t leaving Chelsea.

Why would we put all our eggs in this basket? It makes no sense. :santi:


The heat has really got to some people.

Assuming this ain’t clickbait, and also assuming this is what Gazidis was on about to Robby over in the states…our manager and CEO have gone overboard, lost at sea!


Eh, he was always going to keep an eye on Griezmann, but there was a 0% chance of it happening. This just seems to be an easy way for clickbait.

e:/ The whole story doesn’t make sense. Buying Costa and selling Griezmann… yea, sure


No excuse for this tbh, he had a clause it’s pretty simple really if you desperately want him. Could have been activated straight after the Euros and when he turned us down we could have went to someone else.

All the smoke and mirrors gets you no where, unless of course your agenda is to try and sneakily run down the clock without having to pay up for anyone, in which case it works a treat.


Just no excuse. Wait, wait and wait. Always wait.


So we’ve been pursuing a deal around £60m, but didn’t feel like making an offer earlier in the window when his release clause was closer to £60m? Then when he decided to sign a new deal with his club, increasing his wages and his release clause to £85m, we started trying to buy him for £60m?

Sounds like shite to me.


I wish the scenario you’ve laid out weren’t so easy for me to believe!


OMFG bro how do you do it? You’re so ITK…


i think this is just the drama by wenger that he is saving money for top top striker…we are not getting anyone

so we could buy only one player in all summer but will manage to get two over the line, including one world class in one week…

sounds load of rubbish.




The only “madness” about this is the idea that we might have been able to get it over the line.


Doesn’t he have an 85.5 million release clause ?


Used to be lower until he renewed recently…think it was £60-65 before if i remember correctly.


The figure of the release clause does not matter… you still need to have the player to sign, after getting permission from the club.

If Griezmann was playing for Granada, Malaga, Levante… yeah, we probably could have signed him if matching the release clause.
He is now playing for Atletico Madrid, a very good team that can challenge Real and Barcelona, and play under a very good coach Simeone. There is NO FUCKING REASON he wants to come here.
If he is a really a dumb, that’s another story.


But if you meet the release clause you can at least begin talks and try to convince the player. If we offered £60k a week more than Atletico maybe he gives Wenger a chance to talk to him and who knows, maybe he works some magic or maybe he loves playing with his big mate Giroud.

And if you were to put Griezmann at Arsenal, Arsenal become a better team than Atletico. Worse coach sure, but a better squad, so it’s not like he’d be leaving to be surrounded by much worse players.

I personally wouldn’t do it in his situation but it doesn’t mean every player would do the same. If we’re serious about super quality, we really have to try. We can’t say that Wenger must sign a top class forward then say about every top class forward LOL why would be come here?


Yep. Regardless what anyone says there are still loads of reasons to join Arsenal. Whether or not we deliver certain ones of those (wages, I mean wages) is another matter of course.


Tbf he’s probably the only player who’s playing at a higher level and is a starter that we’re after at this point, so the argument is solely if he (Griezmann) would be willing to leave Atletico and not if someone from a lower team would, which would make the LOL why would be come here? statement only really apply to him.


He’s a fan of Arsenal, he’s a fan of Wenger, we can pay him more, and maybe he’d like to play in the PL. Other than that you’re probably right.


You meant he WAS a fan of Arsenal and he WAS a fan of Wenger??

After playing for Simeone, won a league title, and so close to be the CL champion, and he IS STILL a fan of Wenger and Arsenal?
I love Phil Jackson, but if I had to choose in between Knicks and Warriors… sorry, the answer is too obvious, unless Knicks going to pay me the salary that I can’t refuse.

Will Wenger/Arsenal pay Griezmann that much??


I’m not gonna pretend to know the guy personally or make up any crazy scenarios like you’ve just done but from what I’ve read he’s an Arsenal supporter and in theory we can probably pay him more than what he’s making now. The rest of what you’ve said is honestly tin foil hat conjecture and bull shit of the highest order. Good day sir.