Antoine Griezmann


Some talking heads close to the club, supposedly, are saying we are in for him £70m


That is the most ridic … you know what, I’m just gonna enjoy the ride.

If anyone needs me I’ll be looking for crappy EDM singles for my “Welcome to Arsenal Antoine Griezmann” video.


Well if the talking heads say so I’d say this was about 96% happening.


AFCamden has been tweeting (and deleting) stuff about Wenger trying to do a “madness” in the striker market. Bunch of people guessed he’s referring to Griezmann whilst a few fake ITK’s started tweeting Griezmann shit, now it seems like half of Arsenal twitter believe we’re signing Griezmann.

tl;dr, it’s all a load of bullshit.

Btw Atletico announced his contract extension during the Euros which raised his release clause from €80m to €100m.



Sure they’ll be trying, but I don’t see any reason for him wanting to move.


Knew this was happening ever since the Wenger EURO final handshake tbh.


Reputable source if you ask me.


Loooool. Close this thread please!


70m? :wenger:


A headline with the words “Griezmann” “70m” and Arsenal, is never going to happen.

Who comes up with this sort of stuff?


To be fair if we were to spend 70m on a player I’m pretty sure it would be this one, so that increases the credibility rating to about 4%.


The most important question, are Atletico willing to sell him?


Considering they put a £83.5mil release clause in his contract I think they’re.


We aren’t paying that so no point discussing it as a possibility.


:sob: :sob: :sob:


I guess the same could be said about Messi


Especially when you consider they’re paying Messi £550,000 a/w that’s £345,000 more than they’re paying Suarez ffs not only that but he’s also got a 250mil release clause inserted in his contract not exactly figures of a team willing to sell.


70 mil.


Emanuel Giullianelli is saying we’ve been inquiring about him for months. I’ve seen this guys name before but I’m guessing he’s not a reliable source?


Unfortunately he’s about as unreliable as it gets. Griez however does make a massive amount of sense, at the very least should we fail to get him it gives Wenger an excuse that he tried. Will be very interesting to see if he he should fail with Griez if we do indeed go for the back up in Lac.