Antoine Griezmann


Not sure why this thread is even open–no way will this ever happen.


Would be a step down in every imaginable way except for money.

And when it comes to money, there would be clubs who could afford to pay more anyway.

We’re so far down the pecking order for him that it’s actually depressing.


I was thinking this too but I like to believe that with an exceptional CF we could be a powerhouse of a team again. It’s really small margins at the very top. I’d dare to say that if you put Griezmann in our team we’d be better than them.

Slightly delusional and unfair as Athletico are always going thrive as long as they have a semi half decent forward upfront - hell even Giroud could probably work wonders for them in Europe - but our game absolutely depends on having a top striker. I’m not sure if a world class striker will make up for our tactical naivety but having an average one isn’t doing much for us so we probably should give it a bash.


I hate to be that guy, but there’s no h in Atletico.


Says he hates to be that guy so people won’t suspect he secretly loves to be that guy.


tbh it does help that it’s you that I’m correcting.


Oh shit son!


haha quality exchange.


I don’t know why, but I just keep on thinking that Wenger is trying to get this guy. I think there will be one big marquee signing made by the club which will show some intent. Maybe that is why things are taking so long when everyone is getting signings and we aren’t maybe we are trying to get a big name which won’t be easy to pry away. Obviously, I could be extremely wrong and we have yet another shit transfer period…but Wenger has been known to pull off the odd surprise like ozil.


We wouldn’t pay over 25m for Higuain 3 years ago. Why would we pay 85m for this guy now.

It would be a pretty safe financial move with him definitely keeping most of that value over the next few years before moving back to Spain but I can completely understand us not wanting to fish in this kind of market. There’s a big difference between letting the world know you’re happy to spend 40m on one of the world’s best players when Bale has just moved for 85m, and letting it be known you’re happy to spend 85m 3 years later.


Greizmann is coming. My sources are telling me that he plays Arsenal on Football Manager and he won the PL and CL. He bought Lukaku to replace Giroud at CF though lol.


If Chelsea sign lukaku then Costa goes to athletic I and we sign greizmann


Any Domino combination out there which when falls, i get to bang Ashley Greene.


It’s a lot of dominoes but I guess if every other human or middle sided dog on the planet dies then maybe


why wont chelsea go straight for griezmann for costa and some money rather than going for lukaku and allowing atletico to strengthen one of their rival in Arsenal ?


Fuck knows, they are after lukaku and athletico want to sign Costa aparently though


Wenger has spent the summer after him and was lead to believe he could buy him if Costa returned


Called it


Yeah… that was going to happen… mmmm hmmmmm


LOL. Never a chance of this happening.