Antoine Griezmann


Which part I said was crazy scenario?
You sound like it is really easy to sign him because he wants to come play for Wenger and Arsenal.
Then why Wenger did not try, try harder?
Because he doesn’t want to pay the release clause, or too cheap to give him a pay raise?
If Griezmann wants to come so much, even if he doesn’t ask for a transfer, but why agreed to raise the release clause from 60m to 80m when signing the extension?
Source please, to show me he really wants to play for Wenger, and Arsenal, saying that after winning the league and getting into CL final. Show me he will give up all the fame and winning chance and play for the manager he “admire” and a 4th place team.
Talk about bull shit, I’m still learning from Wenger. He keeps saying craps for years and there are still people believe in his bull shit and treat it like Bible and can’t be wrong.


I found these from the internet, from the past few days.
I don’t see Griezmann mentioning Wenger or Arsenal once, but said Beckham was his idol. If he had to leave Atletico, he would consider PL and that’s it. He had offers in the summer but want to stay in Atleti.
He also mentioned the importance of CL, and would he consider Arsenal over Atleti/other top clubs?

So, who bull shit the highest order? Me, 442 / Dailymail / Guardian / ibtimes/ Wenger or you??


You don’t know where his allegiances lie first off. Secondly not everyone thinks that way. Imo joining the best side around is a losers mentality. If I was some hot prospect bball player, to stick with your analogy, I would probably not join the best team in the league. I’d rather build my own team and try to knock them off. It’s called having at least an ounce of competitiveness in your body.


Magic and Bird days are gone, check Garnett, Lebron, and latest Durant.
Who doesn’t want to get an easy route?
Try a tougher route earns more respect, but there is nothing wrong to join a better team.


Look at the players who join super teams. Soft mentalities. Look at a guy like Kobe. He did shit his way and won 5 titles. Another guy with mad respect from everyone who pays attention to basketball is Westbrook. Durant just left him for the Warriors, the team that just beat them in the western finals. Westbrook re-upped with the Thunder because he’s a killer, he might not win it all with them but that’s the kind of attitude in a player I respect and I personally cheer for. Fair enough if you want to see a guy get defeated and then join the very team he just got beat down by, in order to win. That’s not my style.


Lol of course he does


GFFN have been a bunch of bullshitting bastards this whole summer. Fuck anything they report.


One of a few players that would clearly improve us for years and years, even with his improved buyout clause, it’s a gamble that would pay off handsomely.

This is top, top, top quality.


Chances are, you’re completely right.

I can’t believe I sat here and said no, paying over 30 million for Higuain isn’t right. Madrid are taking the piss here. Then I seem to remember thinking going over 40 million for Suarez was risky. I remember thinking wow, we spent over 40m on Ozil!

I can’t help thinking 85m for Griezmann feels pretty big for 2016 prices, but by the time 2019 comes around we won’t give the slightest fuck what we paid for him.

If we’d paid 50m for Higuain in 2013 or 60m for Suarez in 2014, nobody would be complaining about it now. We made mistakes there, I hope this isn’t another mistake here.


Chelsea or Man City bound all the way unless Madrid or Barca want him.

I honestly cannot see him wanting to rock up at Arsenal


That’s all very admirable but try telling that to Ozil, Sanchez and all the other top players we have sold that have gone on to win trophies elsewhere and play for more ambitious clubs.


Frankly, if I were Griezmann, and if I were indeed open to a move away from Atletico, I don’t think I would pick Arsenal as my new club. If there are no other clubs interested, I would choose to stay with Atletico where I have more chances of winning. As for Wenger being a factor, well, not so much when he only has 1 year on his contract.

This is all just too far fetched. We aren’t getting any WC player this summer. Wenger, because of his own stupidity, has sealed his faith.


Shit rumor, as usual.


As if this is ever going to happen lol


Lol! Us to pay 100 mil for him? :coq:


Its a fucking great rumour. Its the reality thats shit.



This rumour round-a-bout may kill me.


I will do MDC in my underpants if this deal comes off!!


Will you be shilling your pants too?..i’ll get my coat!


Arsenal PR doing it’s work. This is never happening.


I honestly think that this is the move Wenger is chasing.