Antoine Griezmann


Whether it’s disjointed, they’ve missed stuff out etc, the main point still exists - he clearly says we were after him and then didn’t follow through with it, which is the subject at discussion here. He mentions Arsenal and Grimandi. Unless he goes on to say, “ha only joking, that didn’t really happen” then i can’t see how it’s been taken out of context. And i’m not really sure why you’re so reluctant to accept that piece of information.


Yes he mentions us but in what context?; I agree we have missed out signing no doubt.


Fake news!1?!!!


Just read about it. Couldn’t believe it if it was true. Biggest fuck up of the century by Wenger.


Quite an achievement. He has a lot of fuck ups.


This is surely one of the biggest :mustafi:


Just another in a long line of world class players we could have had, but ended up with a cheaper dross player instead.
No ambition, and profit before anything.


Antoine Griezmann - ‘The Decision’

Prick :smile:


fucking prick, and i thought Lingard was bad enough !


He’s clearly off to Barca.

You don’t do a song and dance if you’re staying and Atletico clearly knew hence the Lemar signing.

Very lame from Griezmann, someone needs to tell him no one is on the edge of their seat for this shit.


Apparently he is staying.

I’m not watching the video, but reading some Twitter accounts’ commentary of it, it sounds like a complete circus. Proper nonsense. And it’s lasting a while.

Taking Harry Kane’s “most ridiculous thing a footballer has done this season” crown.


self absorbed pathetic little man with his shitty ‘loser dance’ i think that dance is quite apt for how he is behaving right now.


See… half hour video just to reveal he is staying put.

After that farce, Atletico should tell him to just fuck off

Barcelona have spent the best part of this season convinced they’d got him, but nope – treated like fools


Hope he goes through puberty. The horrible version. Acne scars, the lot


Will be interesting to see who Barca go for now, Fekir is still available.

Weird decision from Griezmann you have to think he’s already reached the apex with Atletico, don’t see it being any better than winning the league and that won’t be happening again soon.

Perhaps he just doesn’t have that next level ambition.


What a wanker


Why not?


As good as they are I can’t see them pipping Barca and Real for the foreseeable future.

It was an amazing achievement when they won the league but they did it on the last day of the season, was that close. Can’t quite see a double slip up from Barca and Real where they clinch it.


Atletico are gonna be incredible with him and Lemar next season. I wouldn’t rule them out for the Champions League.


You also said Griezmann was “clearly” going to Barca, so… :wink:

If Atlético buy smartly they can carry on challenging. They have the right manager for the job. I’m sure he’s sat down with the powers that be and discussed the direction the club is going in. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see them win the league.