Antoine Griezmann


What a cunt.


Yeah, indeed I did :joy:
My brother was convinced he was going to stay.

Lemar is a good addition but I still don’t see it, Real will be making some big signings and Barca are on the hunt also.


Here’s hoping he tops it all up with Fabian Delph-esque turnaround.


Kinda hate his guts. Don’t like his face and stupid dances either.


Fucking loyal wanker :wink:


Wilshere should definitely do one of these “the decision” videos


As long as he scores me some ff points idgaf.


I may think he’s conceited, but lots of people love this hype rubbish.


Jack Wilshere - ‘The Decision’

“I’m signing for Palace”, not sure it would crash the internet that one


This was worth it to hear Antoine Griezmann say “estaréis hartitos” :arteta:


The world cup snub day count, then his decision by countdown


Remember when Hazard done one all them years ago. What’s up with these self-entitled cunts. Cringeworthy.