Antoine Griezmann


More embarrassing dithering in the transfer market.


We could 100% have afforded both that summer too…


Nuts how he has that affect on players though.


Fucking Wenger ruining it again.


I am sorry that story looks juxtaposed; not only was vague about which team it was talking about; you could literally replace arsenal with Man U, PSG, real etc. He never said arsenal and the article didn’t stipulate that. It’s just lazy click bait article, and as per usual wenger.


What do you mean, it says Grimandi, that’s our scout no?

I mean, then again this probably happens about 5 times to every good player every window since forever and we get to know about the stuff we’ve missed out on. It’s obvious whinge food but w/e. United fucked up Ronaldinho, Fat Ronaldo, Alan Shearer, Ramos, Bale etc. under Ferguson, reportedly. You could make a list like that for every manager, it’s pointless but whingers will bite.


Arsenal fans wank over anything anti Arsene, so fair play if media wants to find more stuffs to cater to that.


Metro :arteta:. We will never get him though.


Do you know what juxtaposed means? And you clearly didn’t read the article, or didn’t know Grimandi is employed by us.

Your post is just a lazy defence of Wenger, as per usual


I worked and graduate as a film maker so clearly I know what I am talking about.

By your response you didn’t get what I said at all.

Two unrelated incidents can be put together (juxtaposed) together and create a completely different story it isn’t hard to do.


He wrote in his new autobiography: ‘I waited, I waited, and I kept waiting … when there was no news, Eric called Grimandi, who said that the manager was still interested in me [and] to keep waiting.

Griezman just confirming what everyone knew about Wenger being a ditherer.

If Griezmann’s account of events doesn’t frustrate Gooners enough, a look at Arsenal’s transfer history that summer almost certainly will. While they targeted Griezmann, Luis Suarez and Gonzalo Higuain, they ended up with Yaya Sanogo… Ouch!

That’s the consequence of his perpetual dithering.


Didn’t stipulate what team, a quote with no context; add the link to arsenal that season boom story.


Juxtapose: placing two elements or words side by side and letting the reader or viewer compare them. This act compares and contrasts the two elements and can show irony, humor or sadness.

Your use of the word makes no sense. But you graduated in film, so I’m sure you an expert in the English language lol

Do you know who Gilles Grimandi is?

The quotes are evidently about us, you are talking shit.


So Ozil was the sum of our budget and we only had a 32m budget that summer after flogging Gervinho. If we actually invested the cash we could have brought both in and won the league that year.


I hope you don’t make detective films…


The writer pulls a quote from a biography.l; now you put in our French scout in the mix to make the story related to arsenal and make look credible.

And my use of juxtaposed was completely correct even by your definition; seriously trying to pull I am smarting you card, prove me wrong or move in mate.


Grimandi is mentioned directly in the quotes, pulled directly from the autobiography. What are you on about?

‘Finally a few hours before the market closed, he let us know Arsenal would not make a move. ‘I don’t like to be told something and for it not to happen.’

Can you read?

And no, your use of the word wasn’t correct in the slightest. This isn’t the first time you’ve tried to use a big word to sound smart and ballsed it up entirely.


You don’t believe direct quotes? You don’t believe Griezmann‘s actual words? You need to take those rose tinted glasses off, mate. Or go read his book for yourself. It’s called Behind The Smile :slightly_smiling_face:


After that he goes out n to say the london club. Now why mention arsenal by name the move on to be ambiguous about what london club?

Did you read the book fully to see if the whole paragraph reads like that?

Let me guess just the snippets given by the writer of the story.

I thought so.


Did you read the book? And at what point did I say I don’t believe Griezmann? I said that the way the writer is putting the story seems out of context and put together, without telling us fully what was said in the chapter.

Clearly the use of ellipses in one of the quotes shows parts of the quote was left out; not only that the writer added [and] which is something he added to make what was written make sense to the reader.

Reading their article it comes across disjointed, so yeah I rather read the book then an article.