Anthony Martial




Would absolutely love him here but it’ll never happen


I remember hearing he’d never countenance a move to us and I thought fair enough. It could be that in that very specific circumstance he’d have been up for it, but either way, that’s encouraging. I’d love us to push hard to get him. We’d have to hope that other continental sides aren’t interested and England being awash with money could convince Man U to do business. Its not totally unfeasible imo.


Hahaha, yasss Mourinho is fuckin up. I really do wonder if we had held out for Martial and Martial only in that swap deal for Sanchez, (as I said we should have at the time) if we could have unsettled him and got our man?

Not complaining tbh because I’m very happy with Miki, and judging by how he’s come to a more supportive offensive minded manager, he’s back to being at his best. Imagine Martial here, he’d rek scrubs up top with Auba and Laca. That ship has probably sailed though, but players do hold Wenger in high regard and regardless of what the plebs here think, he still has a good reputation amongst players, French ones in general.


Real shame that he hasn’t taken advantage of that by signing a single French youngster worth a fuck


In the event he does want to leave and United are willing to sell. I can see Arsenal having a decent chance of securing him.

Let’s say he hits the open market this summer. Maybe 3/4 clubs can afford him who potentially have a need for him.

Arsenal, Chelsea, Real Madrid and PSG? I think he’s been turned off the megaclub experience settle at a reasonable level by choosing Arsenal


Yeah well Arsene hasn’t really signed anyone worth a fuck in the last 5 years or so besides Özil. Sven is here now tho, so if they like and respect Arsene we will take full advatnage of it.


Except for the ones that leave.
Perhaps the plebs here are getting bored with Wenger’s poor signings and the Europa League.

Hopefully we can get Martial because he is a top quality, young player but I can’t see Man U selling to us, unless he holds out and pushes for a move here.
Even better if we get him for a new manager.


Ok well that’s ur opinion you don’t have to watch or pay attention if it triggers u so much. Özil, Auba, Mikie and I all enjoy Arsenal still apparently. Wenger isn’t signing players anymore that’s Sven’s job so at least you can take solace in that.


Not sure if I posted this already in this thread or not–think I didn’t cause I just did a quick search–but I feel like he’ll inevitably end up at PSG, no? When Neymar goes to Madrid.


Yeah looks like it. Bayern may need a LW when Ribery slows down or a 9 if Lewandowski goes to RM.

Also Juventus need a 9 or a striker thats not called Higuain and Douglas Costa too if they want to win the CL again.

He’s not coming here.


Let us dream FFS :expressionless:


Perhaps we could offer Welbeck as part of the deal to persuade them to sell to us :grinning:


I seem to recall reading that PSG are going to get rid of Cavani this summer.

PSG signing Martial seems like a perfect solution for player, club and even country - (I) he’d get to play down the middle for an ambitious CL club; (ii) he’ll be a big bollock on campus (especially if Neymar leaves); and (iii) he’d get paid a fuck tonne of money for his troubles.

It’s sad to say it but by every conceivable metric, we will not be competing for his signature unless he has a hard on for living in London or some other random perk. Can’t see him being happy playing in the Europa for a club going nowhere whilst Wenger still reigns.


Goes and plays 90 mins tonight. Must want him to sign.


Maybe he wont be able to resist the ‘wenger pull’ on players :henry2:


I could pull up a post of yours from about 2 hours ago lauding Mkhi.

Be consistent ffs


Think he forgets Auba also, but i guess that was made now by his ultimate buddy Sven. Even if Sven is doing the signings i am sure wenger would have to be on board/


We won’t sign anyone without his consent. He’s still the manager sadly