Anthony Martial


Wenger didn’t sign him. Wenger had his opportunity to sign people from 2013 onwards if I give him a grace period because the emirates. All he came up with for biggish money was Ozil thank Jesus. Xhaka, bust. Laca mehh leaning toward bust. Mustafi, bust.

Anything we’ve done in the market as of late is all Sven.


Game, set and match I guess.

Next time I’ll think twice before stepping to you.




I was referring to you arbitrarily deciding which players Wenger is responsible for signing and which he isn’t.

If one of the anti Wenger types you love arguing against tried to strip him of any credit for the signings of Mkhi and Aubu you’d immediately dive in and start defending him, talking about how big a pull Wenger is for players (as you did in the post I initially quoted and responded to). But in this instance he has nothing to do with it, because that suits your current whim.

You’re a bullshit troll who transparently twists shit to fit your ridiculous agenda, no wonder nobody can take you seriously.


No I’m not, I’ll clear it up for you.

I’ve been on record saying that I love Arsene the man and still think he could be a top manager if he was not in charge of player personnel, and given the proper talent. I’ve argued for years that the club needs a Dein type to counter Arsene’s incompetence in the market. Sure there is some assumption on my part but it’s fairly clear that as soon as Sven is hired, all of a sudden Arsenal become competent doing transfer business again. Arsene imo isn’t resopnsible for signing Miki or Auba whatsoever. I don’t think I’ve ever argued as such either, although I did say Miki is playing better under him.

Arsene is still respected by players, it’s a fact. We truly do dither in the market so the attraction that is Wenger is never used to it’s fullest extent. It’s not the reason most of our transfers will happen, but having Arsene as the manager is far from a deterrent. Many times players talk about how much they respect him, and are fans of his success.

Btw I really think it’s hilarious that the first accusation that flies, when a certain poster voices an unpopular opinion, is “You’re a shit troll.” Lol. When the members of a discussion forum don’t really care to have a conversation because they instead have pre conceived ideas that they aren’t willing to reconsider no matter what, it kind of defeats the purpose of it all, doesn’t it?



Nah, just you.


I’ve been arguing that for years, probably around the same time you came up with that Trion pun tbh :joy::joy:

It’s usually the sheep that throw around the troll thing tbh so understandable.


You admitted you were a troll when you said you’d stop doing it in 2018 you prat.

I’m sure this is dull for others so I’m gonna stop now.


Sven do your thing. The ultimate dream signing


We can only dream


I’m going to say ultimate dream signing is not entirely my stance.


In the Europa League?


Signing him would make too much sense especially when that LW spot is wide the fuck open.

If he leaves wherever he ends up you feel it will be another KDB and Salah instance where he goes on to become a top player away from the negativity and lack of development that defines Jose.


Its the logistics of him signing for Arsenal that seem impossible. Man United tend to buy from.their rivals (RvC, Sanchez, Mata, Andy Cole) but never sell to them (Heinze)

Can’t see it man


I think you’re probably right.

They buy our best players and sell us players they know aren’t good enough, like Sylvester and Welbeck.

Even if they wanted to sell to us, we won’t buy him anyway.
He would cost around 50m, which would be a substantial part of our transfer budget, and we need at least one top class CB, a GK and a CM.
So unless the new manager wants to ignore our defensive deficiencies, like Wenger has, then that is where most of the money will be spent.


If he cost 50m I can’t see that being a problem for us at all, honestly.

I think in reality he’d rightfully cost more, and we’d have to contend with Mourinho making life difficult for us.

Surely the most likely prospect is him signing for PSG.


With Wenger gone I can’t see Mourinho giving a shit. If he doesn’t want the player he’ll get him go to increase his transfer budget.


He’s not their star player. If they can squeeze a large amount out of Arsenal or Chelsea rather than half as much from Juventus or Roma I’m sure they’ll be happy with that.


Martial will go to Juventus or PSG. The clubs board won’t risk a PR nightmare by selling a clearly talented young player to a rival PL club. Not in a million fucking years


Has Martial been value for money for United?
Unless he ends up being a 90m purchase, doubt they benefitted anything out of that ridiculous purchase back then, needlessly inflating the market.