Anthony Martial


Welbeck never had Martial’s potential though, he’s a work horse but was never going to take us to the promise land. Remains to be seen whether they would be willing to sell us a top tier talent.


What has Welbeck having less potential than Martial got to do with the conversation?

He made a false statement, that’s that really.


About what, not selling us a player that was doing better than he was doing there? Depends on what you consider “better”.

Because he was winning the biggest titles at United and has had two major knee injuries here and they’ve won cups since he’s left too.


No chance, lol! How could you negotiate without Mourinho knowing it?


Another signing that would be massively underwhelming due to our bid for Mbappe.

Damn you Mbappe, you transfer season ruining son of a bitch.


lol okay.


Mail is a piss poor source and the initial source is worse being The Sun. Not happening, United and Mourinho don’t sell to us and he’s a top prospect.


That’s true, I should have said Ferguson or Mourinho because neither would have done anything to help Wenger, although Wenger has sold them players to improve their teams.
Welbeck was sold to us by Man U but if either of those two had been manager it wouldn’t have happened.


This is the most far fetched rumor of them all. United are going to eat 40m and transfer him to us? Lol doubtful.


They’ll probably take the 40m and put it towards buying Mbappe to stop us getting him :wink:

Mourinho would stoop to any level to get one over on Wenger.


That would be awesome for us tbh. As long as we came out with a top striker talent I’d be happy. When United bought Martial he wasn’t all that less established than Mbappe is. I’d imagine Martial would have some pretty inflated goal scoring numbers as well playing in France.


I probably shouldn’t be so confident considering that I watch zero Ligue Un, but in pretty sure that Martial didn’t make half the impression Mbappe did with the way he lit up the Champions League, scoring in what, six knock out round matches?


Mate that is clutching to say the least.


From wiki. He had 70 games and 15 goals playing in all comps for Lyon and Monaco.

For United it’s 91 games and 25 goals in all comps


Well yeah, you are right depending on how you want to define what I meant by “not that much less established”. Mbappe has been extremely good, and Martial was very good for a teenager.


The rumours are false

Martial denying whatever is being rumoured lately


There’s more chance of us getting Mbappé than Maurine selling us one of their players.


ohhhhh! He was disappointed he didn’t get to speak to us in January when we asked for him in the swap for Alexis :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:


Bit of a shit tagline. It’s his club that are to blame, not us.


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