Anthony Martial


Martial Lacazette Lemar


from how he’s been at United he’s worth about half of that


Now this makes more sense than Mbappe !! Also it would be amazing to turn around his fortunes to stick a finger up at Mourinho, but something tells me Mourinho would never sell to us - Mourinho just loves fckn off Wenger !!


There is no way Mourinho would sell a player to Wenger, if there was any chance he would be any good, and if he isn’t any good we don’t want him.


Mourinho said he wouldn’t even have sold us Welbeck, so I don’t see him sanctioning the sale of Martial. This rumour has no legs in my opinion.


Still players like Martial are out there and potentially available for less than 40mill, forget spending 120mill plus on Mbappe.


Different cases though surely? Welbeck is a player he probably would have loved to have used in his boring cunt ways, whereas he doesn’t seem to rate Martial much at all. He was also the local hero compared to the lazy French lad. The fee was a lot lower too, and the whole point was to bring in a one legged Falcao in his place which was a mistake. Even with Ba, that was giving us depth at the last minute when we were thin and for probably a pittance fee so you can see why he pulled the plug on that too.

If Arsenal were the only club happy to pay 40m+ for him and he has very little use to the club, it’s a bit silly to get precious over players you don’t even like. Especially when the alternative is Arsenal getting players like Lacazette or Mbappe.

I think English clubs will end up selling more to each other now that they’re the only ones with spare money to throw about. Nobody outside England is going to pay anywhere near 40m for Martial IMO.


Yeah I get what you’re saying, but I still don’t believe Mourinho is the type of guy to sanction a deal that will potentially strengthen a rival - even if he doesn’t rate the player involved. Remember, this is the guy who wouldn’t even let us have Demba Ba on loan because he thought it’d make us too strong after we signed Özil.

If we want Martial it would probably have to be done over Mourinho’s head. It’s all a moot point anyway, because I don’t believe we’re that interested in him, especially not at the £40m being quoted for him.


You lot are mental. Martial is to Mbappe what Giroud is to Suarez.


His potential is still massive. It’s all down to Mourinho.


Martial is a superb talent and I don’t want anyone to confuse last seasons poor form, under a manager notorious for not getting the best out of players that don’t fit his systems and ideas, as an indictment of his quality.


Got excited before seeing it was The Mail. Would be ideal in our system

Even better the original quote comes from the Scum.


get him sell Walcoot or Ox?

not been paying attention


You need to put some respect on Martial’s name.

Kid is a certified bad man.


Sure, 21 years old; Monaco prodigy and loads of potential.

However his best ever season, or should I say one good season, isn’t half of what Mbappe has done this season.

I think being at United really holds him back tbh. Id imagine at Arsenal or Liverpool he would thrive far more.


That sounds as if afcstuff has just realised that his made up story has no truth in it because he forgot that Mourinho hates Wenger and now he is back tracking.

There is no way Man U are going to sell us a player that could do better than what he was doing there.

That’s why they sold us Sylvester, because they knew he was going to be detrimental to us, unlike us selling them the best striker in the PL.


Shipping off Chamberlain and getting in Martial would be one hell of an upgrade but yeah it’s about as unlikely as Wenger turning down that new contract.


AFCStuff is a news based arsenal account posting stuff from the media so it’s made nothing up lol it’s quoting the daily mail. :wink:


it’s quite clearly the daily mail dude. lol. Oh also, Welbeck makes your post invalid.