Anthony Martial


He’s overrated, don’t know where he’d start in our lineup, and has a terrible attitude too.


If anyone still believes in Arsene Wenger, developer of talents then this is the kind of player that could work.

He wouldn’t be the first young player to be unloved and underperforming under Mourinho.


Really wouldn’t mind him here. He was the best young french player before Mbappe.


hasn’t really pushed on since he first broke out for United a few years ago


I don’t think Mourinho would sell him to us, just in case he turned out to be a top striker.

If Man U don’t want him why would we.
He was their third or fourth choice striker this season, just like Welbeck was when we bought him.
Why do we want to buy another striker from Man U that can’t get near the first team?

Rashford is the type of player we need, and there is a very good reason they won’t be selling him to us.
He is top quality, and he has loads of potential.


You mean in 2015/16. So not really a few years ago.

Wouldn’t let the poor form under Mourinho cloud my judgment. Potential is high. Would lay down big money on him.


yeah that season, Rashford is a few years younger and looks more impressive


If Barca/RM don’t want Özil and Alexis why would we?



Man U have finished behind us in the PL for the last three seasons.

We want more players like Ozil and Sanchez.

I’m not sure Martial has proved himself to be much better than Welbeck, so I would prefer a proven striker.
Like I said, Rashford would be my choice of their strikers, and they certainly won’t entertain the idea of selling him to us.


Weren’t we after him when he was at Monaco?


Are you forgetting Martials debut season in which he bagged 17 goals with 11 of those in the league?

He’s clearly a top talent and the fact that he’s having a hard time as a young player under Jose does nothing to negate that, he has no less potential than the likes of Rashford and may turn out to be the better player over their respective careers.

The difference is Rashford’s breakthrough is just fresher in the mind.


Where do you get this terrible attitude idea from? I’ve seen nothing to either support or invalidate your claim as I don’t pay much attention to manutd so yeah if you could enlighten me as this is a player I liked before he went there…


All day.

Martial has a shit load of potential and is nowhere near his peak. His chances at United and the constant changes in Manager have hampered his progress.

I too wouldn’t mind us paying big bucks for him.


The united fans kind of treat him how some Arsenal fans look at Özil. Martial always has this very disinterested look on his face, regardless of winning or losing. Similar to the “body language” Özil thing. I think that’s what GG is referring to.


Theory goes obscure players will work much harder to secure their aims. - I’ve always wondered what a massive transfer fee does to a younger player. Pressure must be insane


This is the manager who wouldn’t loan us Ibrahim ba. He ain’t selling us martial


He just isn’t my cup of tea. Poor body language.


Demba Ba

lol ibrahim oh what, because he’s muslim they’re all the same to you :wink:


Oops :smile: :smile:

Sort of proves the point i was making though. :slight_smile:


No wonder he never liked Abou!!! I’m indignant!