Anthony Martial

Just for shits and giggles.

Talking up the way United have taken the number 9 shirt from Martial and given it to Zlatan.

Never going to happen. NEVER:

Now this would be a signing!

Not even a rumour tho as you say BLC!

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Hahaha the bantz. I wonder if he could do a job as lone striker for us though.

People who know anything about Utd are saying this is typical made up paper BS. Nothing to see here. Utd will have a very good striking force this year and if Martial progresses, for a long time to come. Meanwhile we toil with Giroud and…

People who know anything about club football would say this is typical made up paper BS.
It’s like they are not even trying.

I mean, he wants to wear the number 9 and our squad numbers have space for number 9. It could totally happen.

He could just wear some underpants with a 9 on the arse. Problem solved.

He’s french, they don’t use underpants.

Would love him here, but it’s clearly a BS.

Mind. Blown.

Underwear tends to be used throughout the civilized world…usually a must as well, especially when playing sport!

Martial would be incredible here.

Would he?

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Özil Alexis



They are probably going to want too much, but if they feel like he isn’t the answer, he would be the kind of reclamation risk that is potentially worthwhile. Has very exciting ingredients.

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Can’t see Wenger being willing to give up what’s necessary for an ‘unproven’ talent like him.

Has he impressed enough at United to warrant the exorbitant fee they’ll charge to sell him to us?

I know some of his problems will have come from his management but I’m uncertain on whether he’s the signing that would take us to the next level.

I couldn’t see Jose wanting to sell to Wenger again, after what happened with Cech. Certainly bags of potential, but the hype has cooled on him somewhat this season.

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I dont see anything that special about this guy to be frank. I think they paid way too much for him and for us to spend a lot on him is a nonsense. I rather take a chance on that Henry bloke that seems almost in the same mold as him but a shit tonne cheaper and we can spend money on a top striker.

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Seems unlikely for me Sky would demand a ridiculous fee if we enquired for him

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