Alvaro Morata


He’s 27 now, and will be 28 by the time of the summer window, I’m not so sure that counts as “early in his career” tbh


Ok fair enough, more like he’s entering that time period where he gets his last big contract.


He’s 27 untill he’s 28 mate thats how it works


Lol, I almost made this joke


I’ve got to say it amazes me every time the amount of Arsenal fans I hear call Laca world class when he’s your typical 13-15 goal a year striker and maybe 20 in all competitions. I understand he was 20+ league goals consistently in France but that doesn’t mean world class IMO.


Look at treble and aussie holding each others dicks with their shite Lacazette patter :no_mouth:


Just because we said he wouldn’t be the 30 goal a season striker when we signed him which has proven to be correct.


It’s definitely strange, and I hope a side like Chelsea looks at him the same (doubtful). Look at the situation we’ve got with him tho and it’s typical Arsenal. He’s not really top level, we paid way too much for him, and by the end of his contract he’ll have little resale value and he will have toiled away here with his 15 goals helping us to maintain or 4 - 6 spot.

As much as I hate to admit it tho Aussie, ur completely correct about the insanely stupid business lolpool rope desperate clubs into. Getting 150m for Coutinho is criminal, but Barca were losing their legends and needed a hot shot replacement. We should be looking to offload guys in the same manner but we keep making the same mistakes.


I don’t actually have any recollection reading a poster say Laca is world class because he clearly isn’t. You’d have to post more than one or two examples because if it is an opinion held it’s clearly not a very common one.


This was like a week ago, lol u don’t remember a lot of stuff. First nobody ever said Torreira and Santi were similar, and now nobody said Laca was world class. Doesn’t cost much to pay attention my dood 🖒🖒 Anyways, Aussie is speaking directly to the offender of the Laca is world class hot take so yeh his comment regardless of how many ppl have said it, makes perfect sense.


Hahah I knew that specific one was coming, find someone other than @calum, everyone knows how hard he stans Laca :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol we’ve had this discussion already. The debate over the term ‘world class’ is the issue here. When Laca was signed the forum was excited and some ppl were throwing out stuff like he is gonna win the golden boot or fire us back into the CL. I dunno if that’s gonna happen or not but I don’t rate him as highly as others seem to.


I’m not trying to debate you, I was just having a friendly dig at Cal, that’s why I tagged him.


Probably bollocks, but I read today that ManUre were preparing to pry Coutinho from Barca. Fucking Lolpool meltdown incoming, boys and girls.


Not just that though is it. You were even ranting about Walcott not getting the nod over him.


Seriously, bring more to the table than that. I asked for more than just one or two examples because it seems to me that you and @Aussiegooner are so wrapped up in your anti-Lacazette agenda that you’re still pedaling this myth that Arsenal fans rate Laca as a world class player. It’s not a commonly held opinion at all and a frankly ridiculous one. He’s not a top striker and never has been and that’s why it took so long for a big club to give him a chance and we did so out of desperation. Virtually every Arsenal fan I talk to know likes Lacazette and wants him to do well but accepts he isn’t even close to being the scorer that Auba is.

However you can forgive people’s optimism because it was something different and we desperately needed that after years of stagnation and things just not working with the same players.


I’m not anti Lacazette, I’ve always said he’s a decent to good player and will score around the 15 league goal mark from the moment we signed him.

It’s not so much this forum that rates him as world class in fairness, although I might go back and read some posts when we first signed him when I can be bothered, as I do remember lots on this platform were bouncing.


Good, glad we are all on the same page.


I’m not sure why we’d want to sell one of our better players to a rival and then gamble on 2 other players who may or may not come good. And then when Aubameyang gets injured who are we playing as striker?

If this season has demonstrated anything for us, it’s that goals off the bench and striker depth is incredibly useful. That’s why Fergie used to stockpile strikers and always had 2 strikers on the bench ready to come on and nick a goal.


Also Lacazette deal was allot of money by our standards but compared to Lukaku and Morata he is proving to be a successful signing. We will have 5 of peak years, so that’s 12m per season. 60m isn’t huge money in the market today. Lukaku cost 90m, Morata cost 65m, Lemar cost about 60m. Alexis Sanchez is costing 26m a season in wages I believe.